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War Stories Fujjar/Fijar Part 3

A-MALI | War Stories Fujjar/Fijar - Also people disagree about the duties held by Muhammad in the war. Some say his duty to collect the arrows coming from the last Hawazin given to uncles to be reversed back to the counterparty. Still others argue, that he himself is involved throwing arrows. However, during the war has lasted up to four years, the second truth that opinion can be accepted. Maybe at first he collected the darts it to his uncle and then he threw themselves had participated. Several years after his prophetic Prophet mentions Fijar War by saying: "I followed along with my uncles, also throwing arrows in that war; because I do not like it when I also did not participate in the establishment. "

After the war Fijar Quraysh felt once the disaster that befell them and override entirely Mecca, caused by the split, after Hashim and 'Abd'l-Muttalib died, and each party insisted that the ruling would be. If it was the Arabs it away, now they are scrambling want power. On the advice of Zubair ibn 'Abd'l-Muttalib bin Abdullah Jud'an home held a meeting by holding a banquet, attended by families Hashim, Zuhra and Taym. They agreed and promised in the name of God is Avenger, that God will be on the side of the oppressed until the person is helped. Muhammad attended the meeting which they called Hilf'l-Fudzul. He said, "I do not like to change the fact that I attended at the house of Ibn Jud'an it with the kind of good camel. If now I invited kukabulkan definitely. "

War Stories Fujjar/Fijar
As we see, the War Fijar it lasts only a few days each year. Being the rest of the Arab community returned to their work. Bitter-bitter battles are etched in their hearts will not deter them from trading activities, run usury, drinking and various kinds of fun and entertainment heart's content

Mohammed doth also participate with them in this regard? Or vice versa subtle feelings, its ability is limited and the care of his uncle made him so away from it all, and see all the luxury with ardent eyes but can not afford? That he had been away from it all, enough to witness history. The bright he was not away for not being able to achieve it. Those who live on the outskirts of Mecca, who do not have a livelihood, living in poverty and deprivation, come drifting is also in the entertainment. Even among even crazier than the leaders of Mecca and the noblemen of Quraysh in washed themselves into such a pleasure.

But the soul of Muhammad is the soul who wants to see, to hear, want to know. And as no participation he learned as did his friends of the children aristocrats harder causing it wants to have the knowledge. Due to the great soul, which then influence gleaming illuminate the world, a great soul who always crave for perfection, it is also likely to lead him away from the spree Spree, which used to be the main target pemduduk Mecca. He craved the light of life that will be born in every manifestation of life, and that will be achieved only on the basis of truth. This fact is evidenced by the nickname given to him and that there is innate in him. That is why, since the time he was a child symptoms of perfection, maturity and honesty of the heart is visible, so that all the inhabitants of Mecca called him al-Amin (meaning 'trustworthy').

Which caused him more brooding and thinking, is his job herding goats since in his youth it. He was herding sheep and goat population of Mecca family. With joy she mentioned moments that happened at that time herding. Of whom he said: "The prophets were sent by God was sheep." And he said again: "Moses was sent, he was a goat shepherd, David was sent, he goatherds, I was sent, also goatherds family in Ajyad."

Goatherd who take the light, in the air that is free off in the daytime, in the evening when the star sheen has been enthroned, find a harmonious place for thinking and permenungannya. He stared in Nature so that, because he wanted to see something behind it all. In the various manifestations of nature he is seeking an interpretation of the creation of the universe. He saw himself. Because of his bright, vibrant heart, he sees himself not separate from the universe. Is not he also breathe the air, and if not so mean death? Did not he turned to the sun, bathed in moonlight and the presence associated with the stars and the entire universe? Stars and armies that looked stretched in front of him, relate to one another in a predetermined arrangement, the sun should not be able to pursue month will precede lunch or dinner. If a group of goats that is in front of Muhammad's request consciousness and attention so that no wolves that will attack the sheep, not to be - for its work in the interior of it - there are lost sheep, consciousness and strength whether that maintain the natural order so strong that this ?

Thoughts and reflections thus making it far from any thought of worldly human passion. He is higher than that so that their lives are useless counterfeit will be evident in his presence. Therefore, in deeds and his behavior Muhammad spared from any desecration of the name that has been given to him by the inhabitants of Mecca, and does so for: Al-Amin.

All of this is evidenced by the statement he told then, that when he was herding goats with a friend. One day his heart said, that he wanted to play like the other young men. This says to his friend one evening, that he wanted to go down to Mecca, playing like the youth in the dark of night, and asked his friends for taking the goat herds. But when he got swept Mecca, his attention was drawn to a marriage party and he was present in that place. But suddenly he fell asleep. The following night he came again to Mecca, with the same intent. Sounded him a beautiful rhythm of the music, as if dropped from the sky. He sat listening. Then fell asleep again until morning.

So what the hell effect of any appeal Mecca against heart and soul that is so dense by thoughts and reflections? What the hell also means any appeal which we describe it is also not liked by those whose dignity is far below Mohammed?

He therefore spared from disability. Which are felt true joy, is when he is thinking or pondering. And think and contemplate life and the pleasure of working minimally like herding goats, not a way of life that brings him wealth abound. And Muhammad was never ignore it. In his life he did abstain from any influence of the material. What's the point he mcngejar it has become the default when he was never interested? Which is needed in this life as long as she still could connect his life.

Is not he also the pernahh said: "We are the ones who only eat when hungry, and when it did not eat until you are full?" Did he also already known to people living in poverty has always been and asked that the merry face of the suffering of life? The way people pursue treasure with greedy about to meet his desires, were never known to Muhammad during his lifetime. The greatest enjoyment of life, is to feel the natural beauty and invite people to ponder. A great pleasure, which only a few known people. Muhammad perceived pleasure since the early growth which has shown the world since his youth are the memories that always lived in his soul, which invites people live not only concerned with the world. It started since the death of his father when he was still in the womb, then the death of his mother, then his grandfather's death. Such enjoyment does not require great wealth, but it requires a strong mental wealth. so that people can know: how he maintains himself and adapt to the inner life.

Suppose at that time Muhammad left alone so, of course he would be interested to treasure. With the condition that he would still be happy, just as with the shepherds thinkers, who have to incorporate nature into themselves and have also their heart was in the arms of nature.

However, his uncle Abu Talib - as we have already mentioned-life is poor and many children. Of his nephew he expects to be able to provide additional windfall that will be obtained from the owners of goats grazing goats. One time he heard the news, that Khadijah bint Khuwailid hire people to run trade Quraish. Khadijah was a woman of a rich and respected merchant, hired people who would trade the treasure. Derived from family (Banu) Asad, he grew rich after she married twice Makhzum family, so he became a resident of the richest Mecca. He runs it with the help of his father's wares Khuwailid and few people trust. Some leaders of Quraysh never proposed to her, but refused. He was sure they were applying simply because looking at his property. Even though so his efforts were constantly being developed.

When Abu Talib know that Khadijah was preparing a trade that will be taken by caravan to Syria, he called his nephew - who was then twenty-five years old.

"My son," Abu Talib said, "I'm not the haves. We are also increasingly pressing circumstances. I heard that Khadija hired people with two tails of calves. But I do not agree that such would be rewarded too. You agree that this talk with him? "

"Whatever uncle," said Muhammad.

Abu Talibpun go visit Khadija:

"Khadijah, Muhammad's kin hired you?" Asked Abu Talib. "I hear you hired people with two tails of calves But for Muhammad I do not agree less than four tails."

"If the request was for people far and I did not like, will kukabulkan, especially for people who are close and the like." Similarly, Khadija replied.

Return uncle to his nephew by telling events. "It is good fortune bestowed unto God," he said.

After receiving the advice of his uncles Muhammad went to the Maisara, Khadijah slaves. By taking the road of the desert caravans and even then left for Syria, with through-Qura Wadi'l, and Diar Thamud and Madyan areas that once traversed Muhammad with his uncle Abu Talib when he was only twelve years old.

Once this trip has revived memories of the first trip tentag used to it. This adds him more reflect, more thinking about all that was ever seen, ever heard before: on worship and beliefs in Sham or in markets around Mecca.

After reaching Bushra he met with Christianity Sham. He spoke with monks and priests of that religion, and a Nestorian monk also to talk to him. Perhaps he or the other monks had also invited Muhammad Isa argue about religion, a religion that it was already broken to-split into several groups and sekta-sekta - as we have described above.

With honesty and the ability to turn out Muhammad was able to correct trade goods Khadija, by way of trade more favorable than others have done before. Likewise, the characters are sweet and noble feelings he can pull Maisara love and respect him. Once the time comes they will come back, they bought all the merchandise from Sham are roughly be favored by Khadijah.

On the way back the caravan was stopped in Marr'-z-Zahran. When it Maisara said: "Muhammad, fast-hurry up and tell you to meet Khadijah experience. He would understand that. "

Muhammad departed and noon had reached in Mecca. When that Khadijah was in the room above. When he saw Muhammad on a camel and had entered his yard. he came down and greeted him. Muhammad heard telling a language that is so eloquent about the journey as well as income earned, as well as to goods brought Sham. Khadijah excited and interested to hear. After that comes the last Maisarapun spoke about Muhammad, how smooth his character, how high manners and attitude. This adds Khadija knowledge in addition to the already known as a great Mecca of youth services.

In a short time this Khadijah excitement has turned into love, so that he - already forty years old, and who before that had rejected the proposal nobles and princes Quraishi - are also interested in this young man to marry her, the words and views his eyes had penetrated his heart. He never talked about it to his brother that women - said a source, or with a friend, Nufaisa bint Mun-ya - said another source. Nufaisa go explore Muhammad and said: "Why do not you want to marry?"

"I do not have anything in preparation for marriage," said Muhammad.

"If it were proposed to be provided and the beautiful, affluent, respectable and qualified, would not be acceptable to you?"

"Who is it?"

Nufaisa answered only with one word: "Khadija."

"In what way?" Asked Muhammad. Actually he himself pleasing to Khadija though his heart thinking about marriage yet again, remember Khadijah had rejected the request-wealthy tycoons and nobles of Quraish.

After that question Nufaisa said: "Leave it to me," then he also expressed his approval. Soon Khadijah determine the time that will be attended by uncles Muhammad in order to meet with the family to determine the marriage of Khadija.

Then the marriage took place with represented by Khadija 's uncle , Umar ibn Asad , Khuwailid because his father had died before the war Fijar . This by itself has denied what is commonly said , that his father was there but did not approve of the marriage and that Khadija has given the liquor so that he was drunk and so marriage to Muhammad then took place .

This is where the start of a new chapter in the life of Muhammad . Commencement life as husband and wife and mother - father , husband - isten harmonious and savory from both sides , and as the mother - father who has felt the pain of losing a child as never experienced by Muhammad who had lost a mother - father during his childhood .

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