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Information About Ka'bah Leader of the Ka'aba Part 3

A-Mali | Information About Ka'bah Leader of the Ka'aba Part 3 - Like his father, Abd'd-Dar also been in charge of the Kaaba and then continued by his sons. But the children of Abd Manaf actually have a better position and well respected among the people. Therefore, the children of Abd Manaf, namely Hashim, Abd Shams, Muttalib and Nawfal agreed to take the leadership in the hands of their cousins. But the Quraish disagree: that one defends one another faction defending another group.

Family Abd Manaf entered into Mutayyabun by inserting their hands into tib, (ie perfume ingredients) are brought to the Kaaba. They vowed never broken a promise. Likewise, the Family Abd, d-Dar held anyway Ahlaf Agreements: Between the two groups was almost war that would destroy Quraysh, if not quickly held peace. Family Abd Manaf be part takes care of the problems of water and food, while key, the banner and the Chair in Family Abd'd hand-Dar. Both sides agree, and state it runs remain so, until the time of the arrival of Islam.

Information About Ka'bah Leader of the Ka'aba Part 3
Hashim including community leaders and affluent people. It was he who holds the affairs of water and food. He invites people like that done by Qushayy grandfather, namely that each spend their wealth to give food to visitors on pilgrimage season. Baitullah visitors, guests of the Lord is the most entitled to respect. The fact is that the guests were fed until they came back.

Hashim role held not only that, even his services to the entire Mecca. Never happened barren season, he came to bring food supplies, so that the population was facing his back beaming. Hashim also likely to make provision travel season, winter and summer. Winter trip to Yemen, and a summer trip to Syria.

Given all these facts and circumstances evolve Mecca so has an important position in the entire peninsula, so it is considered as the capital that has been recognized. With such developments do not hesitate anymore children of Abd Manaf make peace agreements with its neighbors. Hashim alone make arrangements as good neighbors and friends with the Byzantine Empire and the rulers Ghassan. Romanic parties allow people of Quraysh entered Syria safely. Likewise Abd Shams also made a trade agreement with Najasyi (Negus). Furthermore Nawfal and Muttalib also made an agreement with the Persian and trade agreement with the Himyar in Yemen.

Mecca is now getting stronger and grow prosperous. So skillfully that city residents in the trade so that no other party during that can compete. Caravan came to that place from all sides and set off again in the winter and summer. In the vicinity of the established markets in order to execute the trade. That is why they are so deft once in debts and usury and everything connected with the trade. No one remembered the rival Hashim who is now increasingly advanced age was in his capacity as ruler of Mecca. Only then imagined by Umayya son Abd Shams -sepupunya - that it was his time now he will compete. But he was powerless, and position it retained Hashim. Meanwhile Umayya had left Mecca and for ten years living in Syria.

At one point on the way home from Syria, when Hashim through Jathrib saw a good woman and respected, appeared in the midst of people who are conducting trade with him. The woman is Salma son 'Amr from the tribe of Khazraj. Hashim was interested. He asked, is there he is in a bond with other men? Once it is known that she was a widow and do not want to marry again unless he holds his own freedom, Hashim then proposed. And women and even then accept, because he knows the position of Hashim in the midst of the society.

Some time he lived in Mecca with her husband. Then he returned to Jathrib. In this city she gave birth to a son named Syaiba.

A few years later in a summer trip to Ghazza (Gaza). Hashim died. Its position was replaced by his brother, Muttalib. Actually this Muttalib was brother Abd Shams. But he was highly respected by the community. Because of his love and generously tolerated by the Quraysh he dubbed Al-Faidz ', ("The overflow"). With such a state Muttalib was in the midst of the society, of course, everything will be peaceful as it should.

One day it occurred to Muttalib will nephew, the son of Hashim it. He went to Jathrib. And because it has a big kid, he asked her to Salma so it was left to him. By Muttalib brought the boy up on his camel and then he entered Mecca. The Quraish suspect that brought the slaves. Therefore they then call: Abd'l Muttalib (Slaves Muttalib). "Hi," said Muttalib. "He's my nephew Hashim child that I brought from Jathrib." But the title was already attached to the youth. People already call him that and Syaiba name given at birth had been forgotten.

At first Muttalib Hashim wanted to restore the property to his nephew. But Nawfal rejected, then master it. After Abd'l-Muttalib had the power he sought the help of his mother's brothers in Jathrib against his uncle's actions with the intention that it be returned to him hers. To provide assistance that the Khazraj in Jathrib send eighty army. Thus Nawfal was forced to return the treasure.

Now Abd'l-Muttalib had occupied the position of Hashim. After his uncle Muttalib, the one who takes care of the distribution of water and food supplies. In the care of these two positions, especially water affairs - he found it difficult to ensure. Until that time his son was just a, ie Harith. Currently supplies water to guests - since the absorption of Zamzam imported from several wells are scattered around Mecca, which is then placed in a pond near the Kaaba. Children are much it would be a big help and facilitate this kind of work and supervision as well. Conversely, if Abd'l-Muttalib shall assume office water supply and food are children just Harith only, of course it will be hard at all. It is also likely long been thought.

The Arabs still always remember the well of Zamzam which has been triggered by Mudzadz bin Amr few centuries ago. Being hope they always suppose the well was still there. And in accordance with the position Abd'l-Muttalib was certainly more to think checkers expect it. So hard that desire to get carried away in his sleep as if a magical voice told him to dig wells ever gushed back at the foot of Ismail grandmother used to it. Similarly, the voice urged him to show once the location of the well. And he too is persistent once wanted to locate the Zamzam, until achirnya discovery well, which is located between the two statues: Isaf and Naila.

He kept digging, assisted by his son, Harith. Time was suddenly blew water and two gold saddle and sword base Mudzadz began to appear. While the people and want to meddle in the affairs Abd'l-Muttalib wells as well as what is found in it. However Abd'l-Muttalib said:

"No! But let us consider the division, between me and you all. We speculate with qid game-h (arrows). Two arrows made the Kaaba, two for me and two for you. If the dart out, he got a part, if not, he does not get anything. "

This proposal was approved. Then the arrows were given to the interpreter-h qid who used to do it in a place Hubal in the middle of the Kaaba. Arrows Quraish did not come out. Now the swords were made Abd'l-Muttalib and two gold saddle base for the Kaaba. The blades by Abd'l-Muttalib mounted in the door of the Kaaba, are both saddles gold jewelry made in the Holy House. Abd'l Muttalib continue its work taking care of water for guests, after the well of Zamzam can run smoothly.

Because not many children, Abd'l-Muttalib in the midst of his own people that feel shorthanded that will be able to help. He bernadar; that to obtain ten boys then after the big no longer bear children like when he dug the well of Zamzam first, one of whom will be slaughtered at the Kaaba as a sacrifice to God. Also her right man finally reached ten people and also afterward takdirpun specify no longer bear children.

He called all the children with the intention that can meet nadarnya. All obedient. As a consequence of compliance that each child write his name at the top of each qid-h (arrows). Then all was taken by Abd'l-Muttalib and bring it to the interpreter-h qid Hubal idol somewhere in the middle of the Kaaba.

When facing tremendous confusion, the Arabs of the time and ask for help interpreter-h qid so ask the Supreme god statue with street (speculate) through qid-h. Abdullah bin Abd'l-Muttalib was the youngest child and well-loved.

After the interpreter-h qid shuffle arrows already bearing the names of all the children who will be the choice of the god Hubal for later slain by his father, then that comes out is the name of Abdullah. He led the young man by Abd'l-Muttalib and brought to slaughter usual place Arabs do that in the near Zamzam which lies between the idols Isaf with Naila.

But then also the Quraysh simultaneously agreed ban lest doing, and for the cancellation of the order to ask for forgiveness Hubal. Even if they are so urgent, but Abd'l-Muttalib was hesitant as well. He asked them what should be done so that the idol was pleased. Mughira bin Abdullah from the tribe Makhzum said: "If it can be done with the redemption of our possessions, we redeem."

After the talks held between them, they agreed to go to a psychic in Jathrib are already used to give an opinion in this sort of thing. In their meeting with the woman shaman to those requested in order to postpone until tomorrow.

"How many are there in your ransom?" Asked the shaman.

"Ten camels."

"Go back to your country gentlemen," said the shaman. "Provide a ransom of ten camels. Then they were drawn with arrows. If it comes out that the name of your child, ditambahlah number of camels was to god is pleased. "

And they agreed.

Once that is done so that the arrow turns out the name Abdullah. Ditambahnya number of camels was to reach the number one hundred tail. When that dart out on behalf of the camel. While the people of Quraish said to Abd'l-Muttalib - praying to god: "God is well pleased."
"No," said Abd'l-Muttalib. "It should be done up to three times." But up to three times shaken arrows and even then still out on behalf of the camel as well. Then Abd'l-Muttalib was satisfied after the god turns pleasing. Slaughter camels and let so without touched by humans or animals.

With so that the books depict biography. Describes several kinds of Arab customs, beliefs and ways they perform ceremonies that trust. This shows at once how noble position Mecca with his Holy House was in the midst of Arab land. At-Tabari reported - in connection with this redemption story - that there was once a Muslim woman bernadar realized that if the intention of doing something, he would slay his son. It turned out later point granted. He went to Abdullah ibn Umar. These people do not give opinions. Then he went to Abdullah ibn Abbas that turned out to give a fatwa that he slaughtered a hundred camels, as well as the redemption of Abdullah son Abd'l-Muttalib. But Marwan - the ruler of Medina when it was - was amazed after knowing it. "Nadar does not apply to an act of sin," he said.

Position Mecca with his Holy House status that led to several other areas that are far too make synagogues on their own, with the intention of diverting the attention of people of Mecca and his Holy House. In Hira Ghassan establish the holy house, Abraha al-Asyram build the shrine in Yemen. But the Arabs were not able to replace the Holy House in Mecca, also can not turn them out of the Holy City. Even up in such a way Abraha adorn the holy house in Yemen, by bringing the most luxurious equipment that will attract approximately Arabs - even those Mecca itself - to place it.

But after it turned out that the purpose of the Arabs was only the Ancient House too, and the Yemeni people themselves had to leave the house he built it and consider them illegitimate pilgrimage to Mecca if not, then now there is no other way for it except the ruler Negus he must destroy the house of Abraham and Ishmael. With a large army brought from Abyssinia he had prepared the war and she herself once before on an elephant big.

When the Arab heard about it, it's huge worrying consequences which might cause. An extraordinary thing for them, the arrival of a man Abyssinia will destroy their sacred house and place their idols. A man named Dhu-Nafar - one a noble and respected in Yemen - forward mobilize people and other Arabs who are willing to fight against Abraha and the means to destroy the House. But he could not hinder Abraha. In fact, he himself was hit and became prisoners. Such a fate that also befell Nufail bin Habib al-Khath'ami when he mobilized the people of the tribes Syahran and Nahis, even he himself captured, which later became a member of his army and become a signpost. When Abraha up in Ta'if residents of the place said, that houses their sacred shrine is not intended Abraha. It is home Lat. Then he was escorted by people who are willing to show the way to Mecca.

When Abraha was near Mecca sent the cavalry as a courier. Of Tihama possessions they could carry Quraysh and others, of which one hundred camels belonging-Muttalib bin Hashim Abd'l. At first, the people of Quraish intend to fight. But then argue, that they would not be able to. Meanwhile Abraha had sent one of his followers as a messenger named Hunata and Himyar to meet leaders of Mecca. He ushered face-Muttalib bin Hashim Abd'l, and to him he delivered the message Abraha, that his arrival was not going to fight, but will destroy the House. If it does not hold a Mecca resistance need not be bloodshed.

Once Abd'l-Muttalib heard, that they do not intend to fight, he went to the headquarters of the troops together Hunata Abraha, with her children and several other leaders of Mecca. Arrival Abd'l-Muttalib delegation was welcomed by Abraha, by promising to restore Abd'l camel-Muttalib. But all the talk about the Kaaba and that retract intentions to destroy the shrine mere rejection. Mecca also offer delegates who will succumb to the third treasure Tihama him, rejected. Abd'l-Muttalib and his entourage returned to Mecca. Dinasehatkannya so people left the place and went to the hillsides, avoid Abraha and his army will enter the holy city and destroy the Ancient House.

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