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History Of Prophet Muhammad Was Appointed As An Apostle 1/4

Islamic Culture | History Of Prophet Muhammad Was Appointed As An Apostle - Muhammad was sleeping. Khadijah looked at him with a heart full of love and hope, love and hope to those who had been talking to him it.

After he saw a deep sleep, deep and calm, the abandonment of the man slowly. He came out, with the mind still on that person, the person who never shake him. His thoughts on tomorrow, on the day that will give good wishes to him. Hopefully, it will be a prophet husband over the people, which is now drifting in error. He will guide them with the teachings of true religion and will bring them to the straight path. But, though so, facing the future, he felt worried at all, worried about the fate of a faithful husband and merciful it. Imagined in his heart what he had told him that. Imagined the angels were so beautiful, that show themselves in space, after delivering God's revelation to him and who then filled the room was. Always she saw the angel, wherever he turned his face. Khadijah was still repeating the words that were read and already inscribed in Muhammad's chest.

History Of Prophet Muhammad Was Appointed As An Apostle
All was laid back by Khadija in front of his eyes sometimes unfurled a smile on the lips, as a hope; sometimes sour taste also, fearing the fate that might befall al-Amin later.

He could not bear to stay alone for long. His mind moved from savory to sweet expectation doubts and anxious. It occurred to him will devote all his heart to the people who already knew wise and will be able to provide advice.

To that end, then he went to see his cousin (uncle's son), Waraqa b. Nawfal. As already mentioned, Waraqa was an adherent of Christianity who are familiar with the Bible, and has also translated partially into Arabic. He tells what's been seen and heard Muhammad and also tell him what Muhammad said, citing also a sense of love and hope that is in him. Waraqa meditate for a while, then he said: "He is the Most Holy, Holy of Holies. By Him who holds Waraqa life. Khadijah, believe me, she has received Namus Besar1 like Moses ever received. And indeed he is the prophet of this people. Tell him to remain steadfast. "

Khadijah home. Muhammad saw is still sleeping. She looked at her husband with a sense of love and full of sincere, mingled hope and fear. In such sleep it, suddenly he was shivering, her breath heaving with sweat already running down her face. He woke up when he heard the angel came to bring revelation to him:

"People who are covered! Get up and convey a warning. And exalt your Lord. Pakaianmupun clean. And avoid sin. Do you give, because you want to receive more. And for the sake of your Lord, tabahkan heart. "(Qur'an 74: 1-7)

She looked at it by Khadijah, with greater compassion. He approached it slowly as he had requested, in order to return it to sleep and rest.

"The time to sleep and rest is no more, Khadija," he said. "Gabriel took command so that I may give a warning to mankind, encourage them, and that they worship only God. But who will I'm taking? And who will listen? "

Khadija tried to reassure her. Quickly he told him what he had heard from Waraqa earlier. With a passionate and excited then he declared himself a believer on his prophetic it. Khadijah was appropriate quickly believe him. He already knew was right. During his life the man is always honest, the big heart and always doing good he is with a sense of affection. During the tahannuth, saw how great the tendency to truth, and only the truth alone. He was looking for the truth with the preparation of soul, heart and mind are already so high, that would soar beyond the reach of human imaginable, men worshiping statues and brought sacrifices to it; those who think that it is a god that can be disastrous and profits. They imagined, that it be worshiped and adored. The woman had seen how right he was in years past tahannuth it. He also saw how right the situation when he first returned from the cave of Hira ', after apostleship. He was confused. Asked by Khadijah, when the angel that later came that told him.

Where then Muhammad saw the angel came, he didudukannya by Khadija in his left thigh, and then in the right thigh and in his lap. Angels and even then they are also seen. Khadijah dispel and discard the lid face. Time was suddenly Muhammad no longer see it. Khadijah no doubt that it is an angel and not a demon.

After the event, one day Muhammad will go around the Kaaba. The place was Waraqa b. Nawfal see him. After Muhammad tells circumstances, Waraqa said: "By Him Who holds Waraqa life. You are the prophet upon this people. You have received Namus Great as ever delivered to Moses. Surely you will didustakan people, will be tortured, will be expelled and will be fought. If up to that time I was still alive, I will defend that in the God with a defense that already He knows, too. "Then Waraqa closer to his head and kissed the crown of Muhammad. Muhammadpun immediately feel the honesty in the words of Waraqa it, and also feel how heavy the load that must be dependents.

Now she was thinking, how would invite the Quraysh so also faith; even though he knew they were very strong right sleaze maintain it. They are willing to fight and die for it. Plus they are still family and close relatives.

Even though so, but they are in error. What are the advocate to them, that is correct. He invited them, so that the soul and conscience they can be higher so as to relate to God who created them and create their ancestors; that they worship only Him, with full sincerity, with a clean soul, to religion. He invites them to draw closer to God with good deeds, by giving to the adjacent, their rights, as well as to those who in the course; that they abstain from worshiping stones so that they make idols that supposedly they will forgive all their sins of-wrath savage deeds they do, from running usury and takes possessions orphans. They worship so it makes their souls and hearts harder and more petrified of the statues. He warned them that they would see the creation of God is in the heavens and on earth; so that it becomes imagery in their souls, and then realized how powerful and great is all of it. With this realization they will understand the greatness of divine laws in force in the heavens and on earth. Furthermore, with ibadatnya it will understand also the greatness of Al Creator Creator of the universe, Yang Single, no fellowship. Thus they will be higher, the higher they will be filled by a sense of compassion for those who have not got a clue of God, and will strive toward it. They will apply both to all the orphans, for all those poor and weak. Yes! In the direction that God commanded him, so he took them.

However, it has been so hard heart, a soul that has been so stiff, it is so dry in idolatry as practiced by their ancestors first. In the place of their trade, and make a visit Mecca became the center of a pagan! Will they tinggalkankah religion of their ancestors and they release their city status which means a danger when there was no longer the person who would worship idols? Then how will also cleanse the soul like that and get away from the stain hawa-lust, desires-desires that will plunge them, to the bestial lust, and he has warned that address the desires of man, put himself at the top idols? If they already do not want to believe him, especially should he do? This is the big problem.

He is waiting for the revelation guidance in dealing with the problem, look forward to the extension that will light his way. However, the revelation that is now disconnected! Jibrilpun not come back to him. Places around so silent, mute. He felt alienated from the people, and of himself. Again he felt in fear like before the revelation. Khadijah reputedly once told him: "Perhaps God does not like you."

He was still in fear. This feeling is also that pushed it again will go into the hills and solitude again in the cave of Hira '. He wants to soar with all his soul, exposes himself to the Lord, will ask: Why did he then abandoned after His chosen? Khadijahpun anxiety nor less taste.

He expects to die completely if not for the taste of the command has been given. Back again he told himself, then to his Lord. It was said:
Never occurred to him would throw himself from the top of Hira 'or from the top of mount Abu Qubais. What's the point of living longer if this great hopes so dry and then ends?

While he was in such consternation that - after a long time stopped - suddenly came revelations bring the word of God:

"For the sake of a bright sunny morning. And by the night when the silent dark. God does not leave you, also do not feel hate. And indeed, a day then it is better for you than it is now. And there will soon be a gift from God to you. Then you shall be glad. Is He not find you an orphan, and gave the shelter? And He found you do not know the path, and He gave you the instructions? Therefore, for the fatherless, do not you be violent. And about people who ask, do you reject. And about the gift of your Lord, let you distribute. "(Qur'an, 93: 1-11)

Glory of God. How peaceful it is in the soul. How excited the hearts! Anxiety and fear in Muhammad are all gone already. Imagine the smile on his face. Bibirnyapun words of gratitude, the words holy and solemn. Khadijah was no longer afraid, that God is not like Muhammad, and he no longer felt fear and anxiety. Even God had protected them both with mercy. All the fear and hesitancy disappeared altogether from the heart. There is no longer suicidal.

That there now is live and call to God, and to Him alone. Only the Almighty God bowed his head. All that is in the heavens and on earth prostrate to Him alone. He is the only Right, and that besides vanity existence. Only the human heart confronted him, the whole life there too dependent and the spirit will return to Him anyway. "Behold, the day then it is better for you than it is now."

Yes, days later a gathering place for the soul in all its forms is full, that is no longer familiar space and time, and first of all a way of life this low will be forgotten for. Days later the morning light will be illuminated, glittering, and the dark night and dark. The stars in the sky, the earth and the mountains, all will be contacted by a soul surrendered surrender. Life is what will be the goal. This is the real truth. Beyond that only a mere shadow, which is useless. Truth is what the light is illuminated by the soul of Muhammad, and a new one will be reflected back to think about how to encourage people to remember the Lord. And to invite people to God, he had to clean his clothes and avoid unjust deeds. He had to cope with any disruption in order to keep preaching the Truth. He must lead the people to the knowledge that they do not know; do not reject people ask, do not apply to orphan cruel. Suffice God had chosen as mandate. So let's say it. Enough already, that God has been found as an orphan, then it protects under the care of his grandfather Abd'l-Muttalib, and his uncle, Abu Talib. He is living in poverty, has been given the wealth with the mandate of the Lord to him. Khadijah easy as it is with friends during his youth, during the tahannuth friend, comrade during apostleship, loving friends, who give advice with a sense of affection. God has found him did not know the path, and gave the instructions in the form of the minutes. Suffice it all. Let him invite people to the truth, trying as much as possible.

That provision against a prophet of the Lord God has chosen. He will not leave, nor hates.

The Lord has taught the Prophet prayed, so she began to pray, as well as Khadijah were also praying. In addition to his daughters, lived with the family of Ali bin Abi Talib as young people who have not puberty. At that time the Quraysh tribe is experiencing a crisis that is extraordinary. Abu Talib is a family of many children. Muhammad once said to Abbas, his uncle - who at that time was the most capable among the family of Hashim: "Abu Talib her brother a lot. As you can see, many people are experiencing a crisis. Let us lighten her from her children. I'll take one you will-a and then we foster. "

Hence Abbas and Muhammad Ja'far nurturing parenting Ali, who remained together until the time of his ministry.

When Muhammad and Khadijah were praying, suddenly burst Ali entered. He saw the two men were bowing and prostration and recite some verses of the Qur'an which until that time had been revealed to him. Ifu child standing stunned: "To whom you bow down?" He asked after the prayer is finished.

"We bow down to Allah," Muhammad replied, "That sent me into a prophet and commanded me to invite people to worship God"

Then Muhammadpun invites his cousin worship God alone and nothing allied receive a messenger prophet religion brought by leaving a sort of idols Lat and 'Uzza. Muhammad then recited some verses of the Qur'an. Ali was fascinated because the verses that extraordinary beauty.


1. In general, the word 'great namus' (an-namus'l-akbar) by some authors that come later annotation, that the word namus means 'Jibnl.' Maybe this is based on the (N) and (LA) which also defines such , Regarding these words Dr. Haekal did not leave a note. Likewise, Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Hisham. One Orientalist - Montgomery Watt, for example - note that the word namus usually taken and the Greek nomos, and this means legislation or the revealed scriptures, (Muhammad at Mecca, p. 51). Conversely the use of the word is not a term namus Qur'an, because the Qur'an uses the word Torah if it is a namus law of Moses (A).

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