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Quraysh Doubt The Truth of Islam - Quraysh Deeds Part 2/3

Quraysh Doubt The Truth of Islam - Quraysh Deeds Part 2/3 | When later he returned again to their own community that invited them to accept Islam. They also exist which immediately received, but some are still slowly. In the meantime, the next few years most of them had also accepted Islam. After the liberation of Mecca and after the political arrangement with a particular form has begun to focus, they also join themselves to the Prophet.

Quraysh Doubt The Truth of Islam
Tufail ad-Dausi event is not over is an example of the so-many events. Who has accepted the invitation of Muhammad is not composed of only idolaters alone. When he was in Mecca once came to him twenty Christians, after they heard the news. Then they asked him, listening to his words. And they accept, they believe and trust. This is also what makes the Quraysh increasingly furious, so they are also cursed.

"You are messengers that failed. You all told by people seagamamu looking for news about him. Before you know really who he had you leave your religion and then believe only what he says. "

But the words of Quraysh did not make it retreat into a messenger of followers of Muhammad, was then leave Islam. Even his faith in God is stronger than when they are still in Christianity. They've surrendered to God before they listen to Muhammad.

But what is happening to Muhammad more powerful than that. Quraysh loudest hostile've started to wonder to yourself: is it invites people to the true religion? And what was promised and warned them, it is also true?

Abu Sufyan b. Harb, Abu Jahl b. Hisham and al-Akhnas b. Syariq night it went Muhammad wanted to listen to while reading the Quran in his house. They each take their own place to listen to, and place each other is not known to each other. Muhammad, who used to get up at midnight, the night also he was reading the Qur'an with calm and peaceful. With a hearty voice that sacred verses echoing into the ears and hearts.

But when dawn arrived, they were listening to it scattered back to their respective homes. On the way, when they meet, each one would blame:
Do not repeat itself again. If we are seen by people who are still ignorant, it will weaken our position and they would side with Muhammad.

But on the second night, each of them carrying the same feelings as the night before. Without being able to refuse, as if his legs took him back to the same place last night, to listen again Muhammad reciting the Qur'an. Almost dawn, when they go home, they again met each other and blaming each other anyway. But their attitude so that they mengalangi not to go again on the third night.

After then they realize, that in the face of Muhammad's preaching they feel weak, they promise each other not to repeat their actions so that. What have they heard of Muhammad's, embedded in their souls an impression, so they ask each other opinion on what they had heard it. In their hearts the fear arises. They worry will be weak, given each is the leader of the community, so feared Its social will be weak as well and become a follower of Muhammad as well.

What the hell objections they become followers of Muhammad? Though he did not expect wealth from them, do not want to be their leader, their king or ruler over them? Besides, he is a man who truly humble, very loving people, loyal to them and eager to guide them. Very subtle feelings, so that will hurt the poor or lemahpun he felt afraid. Every she suffered, her new felt calm when he felt was pardoned. Is not one day when he was with al-Walid bin'l-Mughira, one of the leaders of Quraysh who expected his Islam, suddenly passed Ibn Umm Maktum are blind, and have taught the Koran to him. So urgent it, so Muhammad was upset about it, considering he was busy dealing with Walid. The abandonment of the blind man with a wry face.

But after he returned alone his conscience into account the earlier actions, wondering to himself: I Was Wrong? Suddenly came the revelation with the following verses:

"Knit and he looked away. When the blind man came to him. And what that tells you, maybe he's clean? Or he can accept rebuke and reprimand was useful to him. But to those who self-sufficient it. You are to yourself. Yet what is that if he does not clean the liver. But those who earnestly to come to you. With a full sense of fear. You ignore him. No. It was a warning. Whoever is willing, let heed the warning. The books that glorified. Upheld and purified. Written by hand. Distinguished people, those who are clean. "(Qur'an: 80: 1-16)

If it was because, let alone that mengalangi Quraish became his followers and support his message? Especially after their heart so tender, after they forget the past to survive on decaying legacy that makes their lives so frozen, and when they saw that the teachings of Muhammad was perfect, and full of grandeur?

But! Is it true that period had been years that makes people forget the rigidity of his soul, will the conservative attitude of the past that is obsolete? It can happen to special people, who in his heart there is always a longing for the perfect. In their lives, they still want to learn the truth before they already believe to then discard any lingering falsehood, no matter how high the level of people's culture. Their hearts and minds are like a cauldron where the metal melt that is always boiling, accept every new idea that is thrown into it, and then melted and filtered. Which is stained discarded, and live a good, true and beautiful. They were looking for the truth about anything, anywhere and from anyone. Therefore, in every nation, every age, they have a core that is chosen, then the amount they are always a little bit. They always get resistance, which came mainly from the rich, the people domiciled and powerful people. They fear any pattern updates will swallow their wealth, position and power will eliminate them. In addition to their way of life is such that, another fact that has so obviously they do not know. All that for them is true if he can add to their strength, and not true if he can cause skepticism, a little though. Property owners assume, that the moral is true if he can provide extra into his property, and is not true when he got in the way. Religion is true, if it could pave the way for desires-desires, and not true when he becomes a barrier desires-desires it. Which has a position, which has the power in this case is the same as the owner of the treasure.

In their opposition to any renewal of their fear, they incite ordinary people who depend on their fortune, so hostile to the reform advocates. They enlist the help of lay people in order to purify the ancient buildings that have been eaten by fleas after a runaway spirit in it. Forts that they made temples of stone, to give the impression to lay the innocent is, that the holy spirit that they wrap it with a white cloth, was still in glory in confinement temples. In general lay defend them, because, what matters he saw his search. Will not be easy for him to understand, that the truth will not bear to stay confined within the walls of the temple no matter how beautiful and great the place was, and that the nature of the truth it will always be free invade and fill the soul of man. For him no different from the soul of a master or a slave soul. Nor is there a rule no matter how hard that may hinder it.

How can one expect of them, those who had come secretly listen to the reading of the Qur'an, would want to believe in him, because he rebuked them that many violations that, because he does not discriminate against the poor blind people who treasure galore -limpah, except of cleanliness of soul. To all mankind being voiced, that:

"The most honored of you in God's sight is the most able to protect themselves (the most pious)." (Quran, 49: 13)

Even if Abu Sufyan and his friends still persist with their ancestral beliefs, not because it is based on the faith or truth exist, but because they were too old to love the way they put it. Then fate helped them anyway. They survive only because of the position and the treasures that have been abundant, and for that they are also fighting to the death.

In addition to this trend as well as envy and tough competition makes the Quraish did not want to be followers of the Prophet. Before the arrival of Muhammad, Umayya b. Abi'sh-shalt indeed including one who never talked about a prophet who will perform in the midst of the Arab community, and he himself desirous once wanted to be a prophet. Feeling a sense of envy that burned her heart when it turned out later revelation does not come to him. So he does not want to be followers of those perceived rival. Moreover, since (as the poet) his poems filled with thoughts, so that once a day the Prophet .as stated when the poem was read in his presence: "Umayya, his poem has faith, but his heart broken."

Or as said al-Walid bin'l-Mughira: "Revelation brought to Muhammad and not to me, and I head and leader of the Quraysh. Also not to Abu Mas'ud 'Amr b. 'Umair ath-Thaqafy as Thaqif leader. We were the tycoons of the two cities. "

For, says the Lord beckoned:

"And they say: 'Why is not the Qur'an revealed to the great man of the two towns?' Are they handing out gifts of God? It is we who share their livelihoods, in the life of this world. "(Qur'an 43: 13-32)

After Abu Sufyan, Abu Jahl and Akhnas for three consecutive nights listening to the reading of the Koran, as in the story above, Akhnas and went to Abu Jahl in his home. "Abu'l-Hakam, 2 how you think about what we heard from Muhammad?" She asked Abu Jahl.

"What have you heard?" Said Abu Jahl. "We are already vying for that honor with the family of 'Abd Manaf. They feed, we also are feeding, they bear kamipun so, they gave us so that we can also provide parallel and equally agile in perlumbaan it. Suddenly they said: "Among us there was a prophet who received a" revelation from heaven. "When we will see that sort of thing? No! We absolutely will not believe and will not justify it. "

So that the once influential in the souls of those Bedouins it is envy, competing and contradictory. In this case one of all when people try to turn a blind eye or do not want to vote accordingly. Enough if we mention only the lust of power is so great in the soul of each person. In order to overcome this effect is required a fairly long exercise, mental exercise with emphasis on the law of reason over impulse of passion, soul and mind should be high enough so that he can see that the truth is coming out of an opponent even of the enemy, it is also the truth that comes from her best friend. He must be convinced that the truth had it been a greater wealth of hidden treasures, of the greatness of Alexander (the Great) and of the empire an emperor. Not many people can reach this level if it is not because God has opened his heart to the truth.


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