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Habasyah Moved To First And Second And Umar Convert To Islam

Habasyah moved to first and second and Umar Convert To Islam Part 4/4- Both the messenger was' Amr bin'l-`As and Abdullah ibn Abi Rabi'a. To Najasyi and to the officials of the palace they offered gifts with the intention that they are willing to return people who migrated from Mecca to them.

"My lord king," they said, "they came to the land of his excellency is our slaves who have no shame. They abandoned the religion of his people, nor the religion of his excellency; they carry the religion of their own, we do not know and nor majesty. We were sent to his excellency by leaders of their communities, by older people, their uncle and their own families, so that his excellency deign to return people to them. They are more aware of how people pollute and cursing. "

Habasyah Moved To First And Second And Umar Convert To Islam
Actually, the two envoys had held with the approval of the magistrates royal palace, after they receive the gifts of the inhabitants of Mecca, that they would assist the effort to restore the Muslims to the Quraish. Their conversation was not until unknown king. But the king refused before hearing his own description of the Muslims. Then they asked that come before

"What is this religion is to make gentlemen left the gentlemen's own community, but not too gents embrace my religion, or any other religion?" Asked Najasyi after they arrive.

Who to talk to when it is Ja'far b. Abi b. Talib.

"My lord king," he said, "when we are ignorant people, we worshiped idols, bangkaipun we eat, all the evil we do, cut ties with relatives, with ketanggapun we were not good; the strong oppress the weak. Thus our state, until God sent a messenger from among us who already we know its origin, he is honest, trustworthy and clean anyway. He invites us to worship only Allah Almighty, and leave the stones and statues that during that we and our ancestors worship. He advised us not to lie to be honest and hold family ties and good neighbors, as well as end the bloodshed and other illicit acts. He forbade us to do all kinds of evil and uses the words lie, take treasures orphans or pollute the women were spotless. He asked us to worship Allah and not mempersekutukanNya. Furthermore, he sent us perform salat, zakat and fasting. [Then he called some of the provisions of Islam]. We also justify it. We join in any of the commands of God. Then we worship only Allah Single, do not associate him with anything and anyone. Everything we stay away from forbidden and permitted us to do. For this reason, our society hostile to us, tortured us and incite so we left our religion and return to worshiping idols; so we can justify all the bad things we've ever done before. Therefore they forced us, persecute and suppress us, they hinder us from our religion, then we also go out to this host country. Tuan also likely to be our choice. Glad that we were near the host, with the hope here would be no persecution. "

"Are the teachings of the Lord that brought it to the gentlemen read it to us?" Asked the king again.

"Yes," replied Ja'far; then he recited Surah Mariam from the first to the word of God:

"Then he motioned pointing to it. They said:
How we will talk with the children who are still very young? He (Jesus) said: 'I am a servant of God, He gave me the Book and maketh me a prophet. I dijadikannya carrier blessing wherever I am, and dipesankanNya me perform prayers and alms during my life. And berbaktilah I told my mother, not the arrogant maketh me wretched. Bahagialah me when I was born, when I die, and when I come back to life! '"(Quran 19: 29-33)

After hearing that the information it justifies what is in the Bible, the leaders of the palace was surprised: "The words that come out from sources that emit the words of Jesus Christ, '" they said.

Najasyi then said: "These words and is carried by Moses, out of the same light source. Gentlemen (the two envoys of Quraish) go. We will not hand them over to the gentlemen! "
The next day 'Amr bin'l-`As back to King by saying, that the Muslims issued an extraordinary accusation against Jesus, son of Mariam. Call them and ask what they are saying it.

Once they arrive, Ja'far said: About him our opinion as dikafakan our Prophet: 'He is the slave of Allah and His Messenger, his spirit and his word is delivered to the Virgin Mary. "

Najasyi then took a stick and menggoreskannya on the ground. And happily once the king said:

"Between gentlemen religion and our religion is nothing more than this line."

After both sides were heard, ternyatalah by Najasyi, that Muslims were admitted Isa, recognize the existence of Christian and worship God.

Over at the Abyssinian Muslims feel safe and secure. When then passed on to them, that the Quraysh hostility is gradually subsided, they went back to Mecca for the first time - and Muhammadpun still in Mecca.

However, after later turned out, that the Meccans still bothering him and disrupt his friends, they returned again to Abyssinia. They consist of eighty people without women and children. Is there a second time they were moved solely to escape from interference or even in Muhammad's own planning - they have a political purpose? Historians should be able to express this.

Already in place for the writer Muhammad's life history will ask: how can calm Muhammad let his companions went to Abyssinia, whereas the population religion is Christianity, the religion of the Book, they Prophet Isa apostleship recognized by Islam? Then he was not worried they will be tempted as was done by the Quraysh even though in other ways? How did he would feel calm against the temptation, given the Abyssinian is a prosperous country; which is not the same with Mecca; and more able to influence than the Quraysh? In fact, from among the Muslims that went to Abyssinia was already a convert to Christianity. This fact shows that concerns the existence of this temptation should always be on Muhammad given situation is still weak, and those who become followers still doubted its ability to protect themselves or will be able to defeat their enemies.

Enormous conjecture that such things already comes to mind Muhammad, seeing such a high level of intelligence with a sharpness of mind and his gaze distant, all of it by the spirit of magnitude, with the spiritual purity, noble character and subtle feelings once was.

But even if so, from this point he was confident and calm. At that time - and until the time that the carrier treatise died - the core of Islamic teachings still clean once, purity still ternodakan. Like Christianity in Najran, Hira and Syria, as well as in the Abyssinian Christian understanding has been plagued by blemishes, disputes between those who deify their mother Mariam with menuhankan Isa. Besides, there is no different with both groups, those who still take from the source of pure doctrine, which does not need to worry.

Actually, most religions that after a few generations running, has been plagued by some sort paganisma, though not of the type lowly, who was growing in Arab countries; but nevertheless paganisma well.

The arrival of Islam is an enemy heavy for paganisma in all shapes and pattern. Plus, that Christianity at that time have acknowledged the existence of a special class class among religious leaders - who by Islam entirely unknown - who at the time was the highest and most sacred group. Also at that time - and this remains valid basis - Islam is a religion that upholds human soul to the highest peak. There's no chance that will be able to connect people with God other than devotion and good deeds, and people should love his neighbor as he loves. No idols, no priests, no shamans and there is nothing that will hinder the human spirit to connect with the rest of this form with good deeds and behavior. God also will avenge all these works with a double.

And the spirit! Problem spirit is God's business. Ruh associated with eternity and immortality times. Everything works well for this spirit there is no veil that would cover it from God, and there is no any power other than God. People who are rich, powerful or evil can be tortured bodies, it can be separated from all the pleasures and passions and can only destroy it, but it is not the spirit or the soul they could be good for the concerned would place it higher in above all the power of matter and time, and keep in touch with the rest of nature.

The man will be rewarded for all his actions in the future when every soul be rewarded according to what he had done. When that a father can not help his son, and the child would also be able to help his father at all. When the property of the rich. was no longer useful, not too strong with the strength, or theologians that the divine science. But the important thing is just what they do, who later would become a witness. When it's all natural form of blends all eternity and immortality. God will not treat unfairly against anyone. "And the reply that you receive only according to what you do."

How Muhammad would feel anxious about the presence of temptation to those who have been taught all these meanings, has been instilled into their souls and had also faith, and that faith inscribed in their hearts! How did he would feel anxious about the presence of temptation, while he gave the example of the life before them, the personal is so loved, so that they love him exceed his love for oneself to a child her family! Personal, which has put the creed above all kings on this earth, in the sky, the sun and the moon, when he told his uncle: "By Allah, even if they put the sun in my right hand and put the moon in my left hand, with the intention that I leave this task, it will not be left behind, so that later God will prove the victory was in my hands, or I perish by it. "

This private, personal faith that has been exposed to the light of wisdom and justice, goodness, truth and beauty; in addition, it is full of a sense of personal humility, a sense of loyalty and familiarity and affection.

For this reason, the slightest waver not release his companions departed migrated to Abyssinia. Their situation is already felt safe in near Najasyi, feel calm with their religion in the middle of the community who have no family relationship or the inner linkage, making the Quraish more aware that their interference against Muslims - as a community of their peers, from their families and collateral anyway - is a persecution, an act of violence and demoralization are endless. It all is a pressure with various kinds of torture to those who had been so strong soul to accept such an ordeal. But they are now no longer get something disorders. They already think, that the grit face of all the suffering that is an approach to God, and a mercy.

At that time 'Umar ibn'l-Khattab was valiant youth, aged between thirty and thirty-five years. His body was strong and robust, full of emotion and irascible. The fun-loving spree and drinking. But against the family he was wise and gentle. From among the Quraysh he was the most fiercely hostile to Muslims.

However, after he knew that they had migrated to Abyssinia and knowing king also provide protection to them, she began to feel lonely part with them. He felt the pain of the heart, how pilunya their feelings goodbye to the homeland.

When Muhammad was gathered with his friends who did not participate migrate, in a house in Shafa. Among them was Hamza uncle, his cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib, Abu Bakr b. Abi Quhafa and other Muslims. Their meeting is known to 'Umar. He went to the place they were, he wanted to kill Muhammad. Thus bebaslah Quraysh and their back together, after the split, after expectations of their idols and vile.

On the way he met with Nu'aim b. Abdullah. After knowing the meaning, Nuiaim said:
"Umar, you are cheating yourself. Do you think family 'Abd Manaf. will allow you to rampant so after you kill Muhammad? No better you go home to home and fix your own family ?! "

At that time Fatimah, his brother, along with Sa'id b. Zaid Fatimah husband had converted to Islam. But after knowing this from Nu'aim, Umar hurry home and immediately meet them. In that place he heard someone read the Qur'an. Once they feel there are people who are approaching, people who read it hidden and Fatima hid the book.

"I hear the whispers what it is ?!" asked Umar.

Because they do not recognize, Umar snapped again in a loud voice: "I already know, you become a follower of Muhammad and embraced his religion!" He said as he hit hard Sa'id. Fatimah, who tried to want to protect her husband, also got hit hard. Both husband and wife were so hot heart.

"Yes, we've Islam! Now do anything, "said METEKA.

But Umar so agitated himself after seeing blood on the face of his brother. When it was also then arises compassion in his heart. He was sorry. He asked to his brother so that they read the book given to him. Once read, his face suddenly changed. He felt sorry for the offense. Dodder he feels after reading the contents of the book. There is something extraordinary and noble felt, there is an appeal that is so sublime. His attitude became more thoughtful.

He came out with a heart that has been gently with a calm soul. He went straight to the place of Muhammad and his companions were being gathered in Shafa. He asked permission to be in, then declared himself converted to Islam. With the Umar and Hamzah in Islam, the Muslims have got the castle and a stronger shield.

With this position Umar Islam Quraysh so weak. Once again, they held a meeting to determine further steps. Actually, this incident has strengthened the position of the Muslims, has given a new element in the form of an extraordinary force which causes the position of the Quraish against the Muslims and their position against the Quraysh is not like it used to be. The state of the two sides is then forwarded by a new political developments, filled with events, with the sacrifices and violence recently, which is to lead to migration and the emergence of Muhammad as a politician in addition to Muhammad as the Messenger.

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