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Thoracic Surgery Events Prophet Muhammad Part 2

A-MALI | Thoracic Surgery Events Prophet Muhammad - Neither the Orientalists and some among Muslims themselves are not satisfied with the story of two angels and consider the source of the weak. Who saw the two men (angels) in a story writers of history were just kids who just two years less age. So is the life of Muhammad that time. However, the sources agree that Muhammad lived in the middle of the Sa'd family until the age of five years. Had it happened when he was two and a half years, and when it Halimah and her husband returned it to his mother, surely there is a contradiction in the two sources of the story are unacceptable. Therefore, some authors have argued, that he returned with Halimah for the third time.

Thoracic Surgery Events Prophet Muhammad
In this case Sir William Muir did not want to mention the story of two men dressed in white, and the only mention, that when Halimah and her husband have been aware of the existence of a disruption to the child, then maybe it is a nerve disorder veins crisis, and if it it was not to interfere with his health is good because the body shape. Perhaps that another party will say: no longer needed him to be there to be ripped or chest, because since the birth of the Lord has been prepared in order to carry out his mission. Dermenghem argue, that this story has no foundation except from a known person from the paragraph text that reads: "Did not We Relieve your chest? And already we remove the burden from you? Which have weighed your back? "(Qur'an 94: 1-3)

What has been hinted at in the Qur'an it is merely a spiritual sense, the purpose of which is to clean (purify) and wash the liver that will receive the Holy Minutes, then forward seikhlas-ikhlasnya, to bear all the burden due to the heavy treatise.

Thus what was requested by the Orientalists and Muslim thinkers in this case is that fairies live Muhammad is human nature and are purely noble humanity. And to reinforce the prophethood it does not need it to rest on what is usually done by those who love the magic-magic. Thus, they contend once refused feedback Arab writers and Muslims about the Prophet's life fairy unreasonable it. They argue that what is proposed is not in line with what is required by the Koran in order to contemplate the creation of God, and that God's laws would not be changing. Not according to the expression of Koran about the polytheists who do not want to explore and do not want to understand as well.

Muhammad stayed at Family Sa'd until reaching the age of five, inhale spirit of freedom and independence in the Saharan air off it. Of these tribes he studied Arabic language uses pure, so once he told his friends later: "I am the most eloquent among you all. I am of Quraysh but raised in the middle of Family Sa'd bin Bakr. "

Five years of which he passes it has provided wonderful memories once and forever in his soul. Likewise, Mrs. Halima and her family where she shed affection and respect for her life.

The local population had experienced a famine after Muhammad's marriage with Khadija. When Halimah later visit, his return he was equipped with a wealth of Khadija form water laden camels and forty goats. And every time he comes he spread the most valuable clothes for Mrs. Halimah seat as a mark of respect. When Syaima, his daughter was under the prisoners together parties Hawazin after Ta'if was besieged, then brought to Muhammad, he immediately knew. He was respected and returned to his family in accordance with the wishes of the woman.

After five years, then Muhammad returned to his mother. It is said also, that Halimah been looking for when he was bring it home to the place his family but did not find him. He went Abd'l-Muttalib and informed him that Muhammad had been misguided path when located in the upper city of Mecca. Then Abd'l-Muttalibpun sent men to look for, which eventually returned by Waraqa ibn Nawfal, so half the people say.

Then Abd'l-Muttalib who care for grandchildren acted it. He earnestly maintain and devote all his affection to the grandchildren. Usually for the old man - the leader and the leader of the entire Quraysh of Mecca - placed expanse where he sits in the shade of the Kaaba, and their children sat around a stretch of it anyway as a tribute to the parents. But when Muhammad came then he didudukkannya beside the expanse above-ngelus while he stroked her back. Seeing the enormity of his love uncles Muhammad refused to let him in the back from where they were sitting.

Moreover love his grandfather to his grandson when Amina then took her to the Medina to be introduced to his grandfather's brothers and sisters of the Family Najjar.

On the way it carries too Umm Ayman, the slave girl who left her father. Once they were in Medina to the child was shown the house where his father had died and where he is buried. It was the first time he felt as orphans. And perhaps also her mother never told him at length about his beloved father, who after some time living together, then died in the midst of his maternal uncle. After the Prophet's Hijrah had also told his companions the story of his first journey to Medina with his mother. Story full of love at Medinah, sorrowful story on people who abandoned his family.

After quite a month they lived in Medina, Aminah was ready to be home. He and his entourage returned home with two camels that brought them from Mecca. But on the way, when they reached the Abwa ', 2 ill mother Aminah, who later died and was buried on the spot anyway.

The boy was by Umm Ayman brought back to Mecca, home crying with heart melancholy, lonely. He increasingly felt the loss; already destined to be orphans. He could feel increasingly lonely life, the more sad. Just a few days ago he heard of a mother mourning loss complaints during his father was still in the womb. Now he saw himself before him, the mother went to not go back again, as a father first. The body is still small it is now allowed to carry the heavy burden of life, as an orphan.

Moreover love Abd'l-Muttalib him. But even if so, sad memories as orphans were still deep scars once in his soul so that in Qur'anpun mentioned, when God reminded the Prophet would favor that was given to him was: "Are not you in case of an orphan? Then miraculous person who will protect you? And find you lost guidelines, then showed the way? "(Qur'an, 93: 6-7)

This heart-wrenching memories will probably feel somewhat alleviate too little, assuming Abd'l-Muttalib still be alive much longer. But the old man also died, at the age of eighty years, while Muhammad was then just eight years old. Again Muhammad dogged by grief because of his grandfather's death, as he had experienced when her mother died. So sad to him, so that he always cried while delivering coffin corpse to the place of the last contest.

Even after even then he still mengenangkannya even after that, under the care of his uncle Abu Talib he gets attention and excellent maintenance, protection until the time of his prophethood, who continue to do so until his uncle even then achirnya died.

Actually Abd'l-Muttalib's death is a heavy blow to the family of Hashim all. Among his children was nothing like him: to have courage, dignity, sharp view, respectable and influential among Arabs all. He provided food and drinks for those who come on pilgrimage, to provide assistance to the residents of Mecca when they got a disaster. Now it turns out no more of her children will be able to continue. Which is in a poor state, not able to do that, being rich miser life once. Therefore, the family Umaya ago came forward to take the reins of leadership that had always desired it, regardless of the threat that comes from the family of Hashim.

Muhammad parenting on hold by Abu Talib, even if he is not the oldest among his siblings. The oldest brother is Harith, but he did not how well. On the contrary Abbas is capable of, but he was stingy with his wealth once. Therefore he only holds affairs siqaya (irrigation) without taking care Rifada (food). Even in the poverty, but Abu Talib has the most refined and respectable feeling among the Quraysh. And not too surprising that Abd'l-Muttalib handed over the care of Muhammad then told Abu Talib.

Abu Talib loved his nephew as Abd'l-Muttalib also. Because of his passion that he put the nephew than his own children. Muhammad noble character, smart, like dutiful and kind, that is more attractive to his uncle. Once in a while he would go to Sham bring merchandise - when the new twelve-year-old Muhammad - given the difficulty of traveling across the desert, never occurred to him would bring Muhammad. But Muhammad who sincerely expressed his uncle will accompany it, it also eliminates the hesitant attitude in the heart of Abu Talib.

The children then participated in the caravan, to reach the south of the Sham Bushra. In the books of biographies of Muhammad told, that in this journey he met with monk Bahira, and that the monks it has seen signs of prophethood him in accordance with the instructions of Christian stories. Most sources tell that the monk advised her family so as not unduly to invade Syria, because feared the Jews who know the signs of it going to harm him.

In the course of that pair of beautiful eyes Muhammad saw the extent of the desert, gazing at the stars glittering in the sky brilliantly clear. Path Madyan areas, Wadit'l-Qura and heritage buildings Thamud. He heard the sharp ears of all stories Arabs and residents of the interior of the buildings, about the history of the past. On the way to the Sham area he stopped in gardens lush with buab ripe fruits, which would make him forget the gardens in Ta'if and all the stories about it. The gardens are seen comparability with arid sand plains and barren mountains surrounding Mecca. The Sham is also Muhammad learned the news about the kingdom of Byzantine and Christian religion, he heard the news about their Scriptures as well as opposition from the Persian fire worshipers against them and the preparations for war with Persia.

Even though he was only twelve years old, but she already has a preparatory greatness of soul, intelligence and perspicacity, already have reviews are so deep and strong enough memory and all the properties of such a nature given to him as a preparation will receive a treatise (mission ) mighty who are waiting for him. He looked around, with the attitude of investigating, researching. He was not satisfied with all that is heard and seen. He asked ourselves: Where does the truth of all that?

Abu Talib did not seem to bring much wealth from his journey. He no longer hold such a journey. In fact already have enough with that already obtained it. He settled in Mecca after their children that much even with the meager possessions. Muhammad also lived with his uncle, accept what is. He is doing the work normally done by those her age. When the sacred months arrive, sometimes he stayed in Mecca with family, sometimes go with them to the adjacent weeks with 'Ukaz, Majanna and Dhu'l-Majaz, listening to poems sung by poets Mudhahhabat and Mu 'allaqat.3 His hearing was fascinated by poems that eloquently depicts a love song and poetry pride, describe their ancestors, their battle, generosity and their services. He heard the experts in speech among the Jews and Christians who hate paganisma Arabic. They talk about the Scriptures Isa and Musa, and invite to the truth according to their beliefs. Judged it to his conscience, saw this better than paganisma which had washed her family's. But not completely he felt relieved.

Thus the young-young since destiny has been delivered to the department that will take him to a historic moment, when the first early arrival of revelation, when God commanded that he delivered his message. Namely the minutes of truth and guidance for all mankind.

If Muhammad is already familiar with the ins and outs of the desert with his uncle Abu Talib, had heard the poet, experts in speech read out poems and speeches earlier in the week with his family around Mecca during the holy months, then he also has to know meaning bear arms, when he accompanied his uncles in Fijar War. And that's Fijar War of which has given rise to and nothing to do with the war among Arab tribes. Named al-fijar4 this because it happened in the sacred months, when tribes should not be at war. At that time trade weeks held in 'Ukaz, which is located between the Ta'if with Nakhla and between Majanna with Dhu'l-Majaz, not far from' Arafat. They were there exchange of trade, berlumba and discussion, then later made a pilgrimage to the places of their idols in the Kaaba. Weeks' Ukaz is the most famous week in between the other Arab weeks. In place of the leading poets recited his poems best, in that place Quss (bin Sa'ida) speech and in that place also Jews, Christians and idolaters each expressed the view freely, because In the holy month.

However Barradz Kinana bin Qais of the tribes no longer honor the holy month to take the opportunity to kill 'Urwa bin ar-Rahhal' Utba of tribes Hawazin. This incident caused by Nu'man bin'l-Mundhir every year send a caravan of Hira to 'Ukaz bring muskus, and instead will be returned with the animal skin, lace, embroidery woven fabric of Yemen. Barradz suddenly appear and escort the caravan under the supervision of the tribe Kinana. Likewise, 'Urwa then appear also own by crossing the road towards Najd Hejaz.

As for the choice of Nu'man to 'Urwa (Hawazin) This has led to the aggravation of Barradz (Kinana), which is then followed him, and killed him and took the tribes. After that then Barradz notify Bechar bin Abi Hazim, that the Hawazin will avenge the Quraysh. Hawazin parties immediately following the Quraish before the entry of the holy month. Then there was the war between them. Quraysh retreated and joined the winning side at the Mecca. Hawazin parties warned that the war will be held next year in 'Ukaz.

Thus war is underway between the two sides during the four years of continuous and ended with a peace model of the interior, which is suffering from a smaller human victims must repay the excess amount of casualties as much as to other parties. It is thus Quraishi has paid compensation Hawazin many as twenty people. Barradz name then becomes a proverb that describes misfortune. History does not provide certainty about the life of Muhammad at the time of the Fijar it happened. Some say the age of fifteen years, there are also those who say twenty years. Perhaps because of this difference because the war lasted for four years. In the beginning he was fifteen years old and at the end of the war years, he has entered the age of twenty.


2 Abwa 'is a village between Medina with Juhfa, the distance is 23 miles (37 km) from Medina.

3 Al-Mu'allaqat name given to the seven pre-Islamic Arabic poetry collection is considered the best, by seven poets: Imr'l-Qais, Tarafa, Zuhair, Labid, 'Antara,' Amr ibn Harith ibn Kulthum and Hilizza. Mu'allaqat means 'suspended' the poems were written with golden ink (almudhahhab) on top of the fabric lina (A).

4 Violation of applicable provisions (A).

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