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Islamic Torture Of The Muslims Early Islam

Islamic Torture Of The Muslims Early Islam - Apostolic - Umar Convert To Islam Part 3/4 - Attitudes and words of his nephew by Abu Talib submitted to the Banu Hashim and Banu al-Muttalib. The speaker of Muhammad was affected by the atmosphere seen and felt at the time. Requested that Muhammad protected from Quraysh. They all accept this proposal, except Abu Lahab. Patently he expressed hostility. He was joined on the part of their opponents. They demand that he be protected because it is certainly affected by fanatisma groups and long enmity between the Banu Hashim and Banu Umayya. But it's not me who pushed fanatisma Quraysh this attitude. 

Islamic Torture Of The Muslims Early Islam
His doctrine was indeed dangerous to trust is usually done by their ancestors. Muhammad notch in their midst, firm stance and teachings on kindness that people only worship Substances The single, which at that time was already widespread even among Arab tribes, that the religion of God is not like in them now, making them able to justify the attitude of their nephew, Muhammad, the founding states, as he had done by Umayya b. Abi'sh-shalt and Waraqa b. Nawfal and others. If Muhammad is true - and this they can not be sure - then the truth will seem too and they will feel the grandeur anyway. Conversely, if not on the basis of truth, then orangpun will leave it like that already happened before that. Finally Such teachings will not leave marks in removing them from the existing tradition and he himself will be handed over to the enemy in order to be killed.

To interference Quraish he can take refuge in the goIongannya, such as the Khadija when he experienced sadness. For him - with earnest faith and love for his great love - Khadija is the epitome of honesty that can eliminate all the sorrow of his heart, which can reinforce each characteristic weakness that may arise due to torture his enemies were so hard against it as well as torture CONSEQUENTIAL constantly against his followers.

Before it actually never knew Quraysh peaceful life. In fact, every tribe was directly attacked the Muslims that exist among them, tortured and forced to relinquish his religion; so that among them there were dumped his slave, Bilal, onto the sand under the scorching sun that burns, chest crushed stone and will be left to die. Because because he firmly persisted in Islam! In such violence Bilal simply said: "Ahad, Ahad, Only The One!" He bore all that torture for the sake of his religion.

When on a day by Abu Bakr saw Bilal abused so much, he bought and freed. Not a few slaves who suffered similar violence was bought by Abu Bakr - including female slave bin'l-Khattab Umar, bought from Umar [before converting to Islam]. There is also a woman who was tortured to death because he did not want to leave Islam back to the beliefs of their ancestors.

Muslims outside of those slaves, beaten and humiliated in various ways. Muhammad is also no exception to experience disturbances - even though it is protected by the Banu Hashim and Banu al-Muttalib. Umm Jamil, wife of Abu Jahl, throwing unclean to the front of his house. But pretty Muhammad just throwing it away. And at the time sembayang, Abu Jahl threw the entrails of goats that have been slaughtered for offerings to idols. Such nuisance bear and he went to Fatima, daughter, so wash and clean it back. Plus, in addition to all that, Muslims must accept the word savage and cruel wherever they go.

Long enough that the same thing goes. But the Muslims added firmly against their religion. With open chest torture and violence they receive it - for the sake of faith and their faith.

The periods that have been passed in Muhammad's life as This is the most devastating periods ever experienced by the history of mankind. Either Muhammad or those who become followers, not the people who demanded the wealth, position or power, but the people who demand the truth and belief in the truth of it. Muhammad is the person who expects guidance for those who are suffering, and freeing them from the shackles of low paganisma, which infiltrated into the soul of man came to the valley of humiliation which is very embarrassing.

For the purposes of that sublime spiritual - not for any other purpose - he suffered torture. Poets swore at him, the people of Quraish conspired to kill him at the Kaaba. Stoned his house, his family and his followers threatened. But with all of that actually is much more resilient, more persistent continue preaching. The soul of the faithful who follow the already congested by the words: "By Allah, even if they put the sun in my right hand and put the moon in my left hand, with the intention that I leave this task, it will not be left behind, so that later God will prove that victory ; in my hand or I perish by it. "

All the sacrifices big ones that mean nothing to them, mautpun has no meaning anymore for the sake of truth, and guiding Quraysh towards it. Sometimes people wonder, faith has been so mempersonakan inhabitants of Mecca at the time of this religion is not yet complete, when the verses of the Qur'an were still slightly down. Sometimes people think that personal Muhammad, gentle nature, the beauty of the moral and honesty are already well known, in addition to a strong will and firm stance, is the cause of it all. This course is also no effect. But there are other causes that also noteworthy that not a few others come to play a role.

Muhammad lived in an independent area something like a republic terms of offspring he occupies a high peak. Hartapun was enough as he wished. He was of the family of Hashim Similarly, the caretaker of the Kaaba and the ruler of water affairs. Religious titles were high on them. So in a state that he no longer needs the wealth, rank or something political or religious position. In this respect it differs also with the apostles and prophets before. Moses was born in Egypt to meet with Pharaoh by residents has been deified, and Pharaoh also said: "I am the supreme god," who were supported by religious leaders to apply pressure to people with various kinds of violence, extortion and coercion. Moses revolution conducted on the orders of God is a revolution in the political structure and religious as well. Is not his call to Pharaoh and those who draw water from the Nile to the syaduf the same equal before God? So where Pharaoh's divinity and which is also applicable regulations! It should be destroyed and the revolution and even then there must be political.

Therefore, from the original teachings of Moses, it has received great opposition from Pharaoh. Thus, that person receives the call, he reinforced by miracles. He threw his stick, and stick it into a snake moving, swallowing all the work of the artisan Pharaoh's magicians. And even then did not pay anything for Moses. He was forced to leave his homeland of Egypt. In emigration and even then strengthened it with a miracle that the parting of the road in the middle of the ocean water.

Also Isa, who was born in Nazareth in the number of Palestine, which at the time was a Byzantine territories which were under the rule of emperors with all its cruelty as the colonizers and the power of Roman gods, to encourage people to tolerate this cruelty and repent for that regret and various feelings of mercy anymore, which by the authorities are deemed to revolt against their power. So Jesus was also strengthened with miracles: raising the dead and healing the sick; and others strengthened by the Holy Spirit. It is true, that the core of their teachings were basically met with the core teachings of Muhammad as well, apart from the detail that is not the place to be explained here. But these diverse motives, and are mainly political motives, is the goal as well.

Instead Muhammad, the situation is as we mentioned above, the nature is the intellectual and spiritual teachings. Basically is invited to truth, goodness and beauty. An invitation which stands alone from beginning to end. Because away from any political opposition, republican structures that are already in Mecca that have never experienced anything chaos.

Readers may be surprised when I say, that the preaching of Muhammad with modern scientific methods have huge similarities. The scientific method is to require that we - if we want to conduct an investigation - first free ourselves from all prejudice, outlook on life and trust that already exists in us related to the investigation. That's where we begin by conducting observations and experiments, conduct a systematic comparison, then new silogisma already based on premisa-premisa earlier. If all it can already be concluded, then the conclusion that by itself still needs to be discussed and investigated again. But nevertheless it has a scientific data during the investigation has not shown error. Such scientific method is the best ever achieved mankind for the sake of freedom of thought. Methods and fundamentals of propaganda so this is also the grip of Muhammad.

How are they who become faithful followers were satisfied and would earnest teachings? All the old confidence eroded from their souls, and now they start thinking about their future.

At that time every Arab tribes have their own idols. Similarly where the hell idol is right and what is heretical? In the Arab countries and the countries around it when it was already there adherents Sabian and Zoroastrian fire worshipers, there is also worship the sun. Which of them is right and which is also misguided?

Let us put aside all of this, we eliminate traces of our souls. We liberate ourselves first of all conceptions and beliefs long. Let us ponder. Contemplating and reviewing basically the same. What is certain is that the entire universe is interconnected with one another. Human, ethnic groups and nations are interconnected. Humans also associated with animals and with objects, our planet associated with the sun, with the moon and other solar system. And all that too associated also with the legislation that has been rigging, can not be exchanged or altered again. The sun is not supposed to be chasing the moon, malampun can not precede lunch. If the nature of the content has changed or changed, will undoubtedly change is precisely everything in this universe. If the sun is no longer shining and heats the earth, according to the legislation which has been running since millions of years ago, surely the earth and the sky is about to change as well. And as such is not the case, then above all it is certainly no substance master. From there it grew, with which he develops and he returned to it anyway. This substance alone just to mere humans give up. Likewise, everything in nature is surrendered merely to the substance of this, just like humans. Good man, nature, time and space is a unity. So that's the core substance and its source. Thus, only the substance was all alone worship is done. Only the substance that was all heart and soul of man confronted. Into the realm of reality, we must look at and ponder the laws of nature are eternal it. So everything that is worshiped besides Allah human form of idols, kings, pharaohs, fire and the sun, is only an illusion of vanity alone, incompatible with human dignity and honor, not in accordance with the human mind and with existing capabilities in himself; which can make a conclusion on the law of God against the creation, by way of meditating.

Here it seems the essence of the teachings of Muhammad as it is known Muslims who initially it. Teachings of revelation to them through Muhammad is the culmination of a literary language that has become a miracle and will continue to act this way. Coherence truth and the way described by the extraordinary beauty of it now appears in front of them. Here the soul and the heart they rise higher, related to the substance of the Most Noble. Then came Muhammad brought them that the good will that is the path to the destination. They will receive the courtesy of a reply when they have to fulfill the obligation in life diligently. Each person will be rewarded according to his deeds.

"Anyone who does good weighing atompun be seen; and those who do evil will be seen as heavy atompun anyway. "(Qur'an 99: 7-8)
In upholding the human mind to higher ground would no higher than this! Also destroy the shackles that bind it forever! It is up to humans. He wants to understand this, will believe and do to reach the top height of human dignity! To achieve the goal, all the sacrifices feels light for people who are faithful.

Because the position of Muhammad and his followers were so great, Banu Hashim and Banu al-Muttalib tight added keeping of any disturbance. One day Abu Jahl met with Muhammad, he was bothering her, yelled at her and expend words inappropriate addressed to this religion. But Muhammad did not serve him. The abandonment of it without talk. Hamzah, his uncle and his brother sesusu, who still hold on to the belief Quraishi, is a strong man and feared. He has a penchant for hunting. When he returned and hunting, first around the Kaaba before immediately returning to his home.

That day, when he came and learned that his nephew was a disruption of Abu Jahl, he overflowed angry. He went to the Kaaba, no longer he saluted those present in that place as usual, but continued into the mosque to Abu Jahl. Once met, lifted his bow and struck hard on the head. Some people and Banu Makhzum will try to defend Abu Jahl. But not so. Worried they will arise once the disaster and harm, by admitting that he did not berate Muhammad with arbitrarily.

After that is then converted to Islam Hamza stated. He promised to Muhammad will defend him, and will sacrifice in the path of God until the end.

Quraysh felt chest tightness saw Muhammad and his companions became increasingly stronger. In addition, harassment and torture addressed to them, can not diminish their faith and declare frankly, can not deter them perform religious duties. It occurred to Quraysh would free himself from Muhammad, the way they imagined, giving all desires. They seem to forget that the majesty of the propagation of Islam, the essence of spiritual purity is so high, is above all the opposition political ambitions. 'Utba b. Rabi'a, a leading Arab nobles, tried to persuade the Quraish when they are in a meeting by saying that he would talk with Muhammad and would offer him things that may be willing to accept it. They want to give anything at will, as long as he can be silenced.

When that 'Utba spoke with Muhammad.

"My son," he said, "as you know, in terms of descent, you have a place among us. You have brought about a big into the midst of your people, so they are fragmented it. Now, listen, we will offer some of the problems, in case the majority can be acceptable to you if you want in this case is treasure, we also are ready to collect our possessions, so that the treasure will be the highest among us. If you want the ranks, we lift you above us all; we will not decide a case without consent. If the position of the king's what you want, we crowned you as our king. If you saraf4 disease infestation that can not refuse me alone, will we try treatment with our possessions until you're healed. "

He finished talking, Muhammad recited Surah as-sajda (41 = Ha Mim). 'Utba silent listening to the words that are so beautiful it. Now he saw standing before him was not a man driven by ambition treasure, wants to position or kingdoms, also not sick, but people who want to show the truth, inviting people to goodness. He retains something in a good way, with words full of miracles.

Muhammad finished reciting the 'Utba go back to the Quraysh. What is seen and heard it very witching him. He was fascinated by the greatness of the man. The explanation is very interesting.

The issue 'is not pleasant Utba Quraysh, also his opinion that Muhammad left alone, not encouraging them, otherwise if followed, then pride for them.

Then back their hostile lagilah Muhammad and his companions to impose a variety of disasters, which has been in the position he is in his party and in the maintenance of the protection of Abu Talib, Banu Hashim and Banu al-Muttalib.

Disruption to the Muslims became increasingly become, to the extent there are killed, tortured and such. At that time Muhammad suggest that they dispersed. When they asked him where they were going, they were advised to go to the Abyssinian which people embrace Christianity. "The place was ruled a king and no one is persecuted there. That earth honest; until then God opened the way for us all. "

Some Muslims when it last went to Abyssinia to avoid slander and remains refuge in the Lord by keeping religion. They set out to do twice the hijra. The first consisted of eleven men and four women. By surreptitiously them out of Mecca to seek shelter. Then they got a good spot under Najasyi.5

When later the news broke that the Muslims in Mecca were saved from disruption of Quraysh, they then returned home, as will be described later. But as it turned out later they were subjected to violence again from Quraysh exceeded it already, back them into Abyssinia. This once consisted of eighty men without the wife and children. They lived in Abyssinia until after the Prophet migrated to Yathrib.

Migrated to Abyssinia are first moved in Islam.6

Already in place for any writer Muhammad history will ask: Is there a purpose to move that made the Muslims on the advice and advocacy of it because it will escape from the pagans of Mecca along with disorders that they do, or because of a political objective of Islam, which is behind it intended by Muhammad with a higher purpose? Already in place also when the chronicler of Muhammad was going to ask about this, having proven from the Prophet history of this Arab nation in all phases of his life, that he was a far-sighted politician, a bearer of moral treatise and a soul so noble, sublime and majestic peerless. And that is the reason in this case is what is mentioned in history, that the Meccans did not like the liver no Muslims who went to Abyssinia. In fact, they later sent two men to meet Najasyi. They brought valuable gifts to convince the king of the Muslims in order to restore it to their homeland. At that time the population of Abyssinia and the rulers are the Christians. In terms of religion the people of Quraish did not worry that they will follow Muhammad.

Caused by a sense of anxiety towards the events that why they sent people, asking that Muslims be returned? They assume, that Najasyi protection against them after hearing their testimony will take effect also to residents of the Arabian peninsula so that they will accept the religion of Muhammad and want to be followers. Or are they worried, when the Muslims settled in Abyssinia, they will grow stronger, so that when they return home someday help Muhammad, they returned with the power, wealth and power?


4. According to their belief that the disease is caused by disorders jin, original Ra'i (A).
5. In Western literature is generally called Negus (A)
6. This event occurred in the year 615 AD (after the fifth year of apostolate)

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