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Information About Mecca Story Abraham and Ishmael Part 2

A-Mali | Information About Mecca Story Abraham and Ishmael Part 2 - This story is taken from a history that is almost a consensus on the outline of the departure of Abraham and Ishmael to Mecca, although there are differences in detail. And that advance criticism of events in detail the opinion that Hagar and Ishmael had gone into the valley now lies Mecca and that in that place there is a spring that is occupied by tribes Jurhum. Hajar greeted happily by them when he came with Abraham and his son to that place. After Ismail big she married women Jurhum and have several children. From mixing the marriage between Ismail with elements of Hebrew-Egypt on the one hand and Arab elements on the other hand, lead to offspring that carry the properties of Arabic, Hebrew and Egyptian. Regarding the sources that say about Hagar the confusion after seeing the finished water absorbs and about his business ran seven times from Safa and Marwa and about Zamzam and how water gushed, by those still in doubt.

Information About Mecca Story Abraham and Ishmael Part 2
Instead William Muir doubt Ibrahim and Ismail's departure to the Hijaz and he rejects the basic story. He said that it was Israiliat (Yudaica) made-up of Jews for generations before Islam, in order to bind the relationship with the Arabs equally sebapa with Abraham, Isaac, if that's what became the ancestor of the Jews. So when his brother, Ishmael was the ancestor of the Arabs, they are cousins ​​who shall be the duty of Arabs also receive both emigrant Jews into their midst, and will facilitate the trading of the Jews in the entire Arabian Peninsula. The British author based his opinion on the ways of worship in the Arab countries that had nothing to do with the religion of Abraham, because they've completely lost in paganisma, being the religion of Abraham pure religion.

We do not see that such arguments are strong enough to eliminate the reality of history. Far few centuries after the death of Ibrahim and Ismail Arab paganisma not indicate that they are already so when Ibrahim came to the Hijaz, and when he and Ismail jointly build the Kaaba. Suppose at that time paganisma already exists, of course it will strengthen the opinion of Sir William Muir. Ibrahim society itself when it idolatry and he tried to get them to the right path, but to no avail. When he invites the Arabs like to invite the community itself, and it did not work, and the Arabs were still pagan, of course it does not fit with the departure of Abraham and Ishmael to Mecca. The historical information is logically even stronger. Ibrahim, who has been out of Iraq because they wanted to escape from his family, he went to Palestine and Egypt, is a person who is traveling and unusual wading Sahara. Under way between the Palestinians and the Mecca since time immemorial traffic already is open to the caravan. Thus no doubt also in place the historical fact that in the magnitude of the line has become the consensus.

Sir William Muir and those who support his opinion that say about the possibility of a class of children of Abraham and Ishmael afterward that moved from Palestine to the Arab countries and the presence of their linkage in the sense of a blood relationship. We do not understand, that the possibility of the children of Abraham and Ishmael is acceptable to them, being the possibility of the two of them alone is not! How to say can not be ascertained when historical events already strengthen it. How well will not occur when the source has no doubt and has been mentioned in the Quran and discussed also in other sacred books!

Ibrahim and Ismail and lift joints of the Holy House and "That the first house of worship was made for man who in Mecca, it has been given the blessing and guidance for the universe. That is where there is a clear explanations as Maqam (place) of Ibrahim; whoever entered it into a safe. "(Qur'an, 3: 96-97)

"And remember, we make house was a gathering place for humans and safe place. Maqam Ibrahim and make it a place to pray, and we leave it to Abraham and Ishmael purify My house those bertawaf Bago, those who settle down and they were bowing and prostration. And remember when Abraham said: 'My Lord, make this city a safe place and give fruits to the population, those who believe in Allah and the Hereafter.' He said: 'And for anyone who rejects faith I will permit also pleasure while, then I pulled it into the torment of the fire, the most wretched destination ,. And remember when Abraham and Ishmael raised the joints of the Holy House (they say): 'Lord, accept this from us. Indeed Thou Maha heard, Knowledgeable. "(Qur'an, an, 2: 125-127)

How Abraham established the house as a destination and a safe place, to deliver man so faithful only to God and then became a single idol and his worship center? And how well the ways of worship was conducted after Abraham and Ishmael, and in the form of how to be done? And since when did it change the ways and dominated by paganisma? This was not told to us by history as we know it. All of that is just the allegations that have been considered as a reality. The Sabian1 who worshiped the stars have a major influence in the Arab lands. At first they were - according to some information - not worship the star itself, but only to worship their God and glorify the stars as the creation and manifestation of greatness. . Therefore more who can not understand the meaning of a higher divinity, then diartikannya stars as gods. Some kinds of mountain rock imagined as falling objects and the sky, come and some kind of star. From that early manifestations of God and sanctified it mean, then the stones were worshiped, then worship it is considered so great, so it is not enough for the Arabs only worship the Black Stone (black stone) are in the Kaaba, even on every trip he took anything and the Kaaba stone to be worshiped and held his consent: will live or will be traveling. They do the ways of worship that applies to the stars or the creator of the stars. By means thus become the strong belief that paganisma, statues, holy and brought offerings-offerings to it as a sacrifice.

This is a picture of the religious development in the Arab lands since Abraham built the house as a place of worship to God, as described by some historians and how well it then turn around and be the center of idols. Herodotus, the father of history, explaining about the Lat worship in Arabia. Likewise Diodorus Siculus mcnyebutkan about homes in Mecca that glorified. It shows about paganisma already so old in the Arabian Peninsula and that the religion of Abraham brought there last not so long.

In the centuries that it has come also the prophets who invite the tribes peninsula was to worship God alone. But they refused and remained on paganisma. Coming Hud invite 'Ad who live in north Hadzramaut to worship only Allah; but only a small fraction participating. Being that most of even brag and say: "O Hud, you did not come with a clear explanation, and we will not leave our gods just because your word. We do not believe you. "(Qur'an, 11: 53) For years Hud invite them. The result instead they grow wild and arrogant. Likewise Saleh came invite Thamud so faithful. They have lived in the Hijr, located between the Hejaz with Sham in Wadi'l-Qura eastward power of Mad-yan (Midian) near the Gulf of 'Aqaba. Just the same, the result of an invitation Saleh was not more like an invitation Hud as well. Then came Shoaib to Mad-yan nation located in the Hejaz, invited to worship God. And they also do not hear destroyed as happened to the group of 'Ad and Thamud.

In addition to the prophets and the Qur'an had been told about their invitation to worship one God. Group was so arrogant attitude. They still insist on going to worship idols and beg to idols in the Kaaba. They made a pilgrimage to the shrine every year; they come from all corners of the Arabian peninsula. In this case down the word of God: "And We will not hold torment before We sent a Messenger." (Qur'an 17: 15)

Since the establishment of Mecca at that place already important positions such as that held by Qushayy bin Kilab in the mid fifth century AD. At that time the leaders of Mecca gathered. Positions hijaba, siqaya, Rifada, Nadwa, Liwa 'and qiyada held all by Qusai. Hijaba is doorman Kaaba or who holds the key. Siqaya is to provide fresh water - it's a very difficult time for those who come on pilgrimage and providing liquor made from dates. Rifada is to feed them all. Nadwa is chairman of the meeting in the season each year. Liwa 'is the banner that is anchored on the spear planted as a symbol of soldiers facing the enemy, and qiyada is when the army leadership to the war. Such positions in Mecca is very respectable. In the matter of worship as Arabs view all fixed to the Kaaba.

I guess it all comes not at the same time when the house was built, but one by one, on the one hand has nothing to do with each other with the Kaaba and status within the meaning of religion, on the other hand there is also a little much to do.

When the temple was built according to the image in our imagination - not more Mecca consist only of the tribes Amalekit and Jurhum. After Ishmael settled there and together with his father put the joints of the house, then Mecca had been developed. For some considerable time later he became a city or town that resembles. We say resembles a city, because Mecca with its population was still carrying the remains of the nature of underdevelopment in the sense of a very understated. Some chroniclers do not mind in the states, that Mecca was still underdeveloped before all affairs in the hands Qushayy in the mid fifth century AD it. It is difficult for us to be able to imagine an area such as Mecca is considered sacred ancestral house is it will remain in the atmosphere of life odyssey. Yet history proves that the problem of the Holy House in the hands of Ismail in Jurhum family environment for generations later. They live in the neighborhood, in addition to the Mecca period was indeed a meeting place caravans on their way to Yemen, Hira, Sham and Najd. Also to do with the Red Sea, not far from where it is a direct relationship with the world trade. It is hard to be able to imagine the existence of a region in such circumstances it will remain without any approach from another world in terms of its civilization. Reasoned once we conjecture, that Mecca, which has been prayed by Abraham and God set will be an area that is safe through, already familiar with stable life for generations before Qushayy.

Although he was defeated by Amalekit, Mecca is still in the hands Jurhum up during Mudzadz ibn 'Amr ibn Harith. During the period of this generation Meccan trade to experience rapid growth once under the rule of ordinary people living in luxury, so they forget that they are in the Badlands and that they should always try and always vigilant. Thus lalainya they were so Zamzam become dry and the tribe of Khuza'a feel the need to think about would be helped plunge the bosses in the holy land.

Mudzadz warning to the people of the consequences of riotous living, to no avail. He was sure that it would sweep them all. Then he tried to dig deeper Zamzam. He picked up two gold saddle base of the Kaaba and its treasures are brought people as offerings into the Holy House. The inclusion of all of it into the bottom of the well, being sand still in it was issued, with the hope at a time when he will find it again. He came out with the sons of Ishmael from Mecca. After the power was held by Khuza'a. And so on down through the generations until the Qushayy bin Kilab, grandmother (grandfather) of the Prophet Muhammad were fifth.

Fatimah bint Sahl bin Sa'd Kilab marries and has a child named Zuhra and Qushayy. Kilab died when Qushayy infancy. Then Fatimah married again with Rabi'a bin Haram. Then they went to Sham and there Fatimah gave birth Darraj. Qushayy greater the Rabi'a and he only knew as his father. Gradually between Qushayy with the tribe Rabi'a happened hostility. He was despised and is said to be under their protection, but not of their party complained Qushayy insult to his mother.

"Your father is more noble than those," said his mother told Qushayy. "You son Kilab bin Murra, and family in Mecca occupy Holy House."

Qushayy then go to Mecca, and settled there. Because the eyes are good and have sincerity, people in Mecca is very honor. At that time the Holy House control in the hands Hulail bin Hubsyia - sharp-sighted people from tribes Khuza'a. When Qushayy apply daughter, Hubba, turns his proposal was well received and kawinlah them. Qushayy go ahead in business and trade, which makes it so rich, wealth and his children too much anyway. Among the people he increasingly prominent. Hulail died with a will that left the keys in the hands of the Holy House Hubba daughter. But Hubba rejected and the key is held by Abu Ghibsyan of the tribe of Khuza'a. But Abu Ghibsyan is an alcoholic. When one day he ran out of liquor was sold to Qushayy key by means of exchanging it with liquor.

Khuza'a had calculated how his position later when the leadership is in the hands of the Kaaba Qushayy as one who had great possessions and people are starting to influence among the Quraysh. They objected when the Holy House leadership problems in the hands of anyone other than their own. At the time of requesting assistance Qushayy Quraysh, some tribes had been of the opinion that he was a resident of the most powerful and highly appreciated in Mecca. They support Qushayy and successfully issued Khuza'a of Mecca. Now the entire leadership of the Holy House was already in the hands Qushayy and he is recognized as their leader.

As we have pointed out, some people argue, that by the time the leadership is in the hands Qushayy Mecca, any building that is not in place, other than the Ka bah. The reason is that, as well Khuza'a or Jurhum do not want to see any other buildings around the temple, as well as at night they never stay in that place, but go to the open places. It added that after Qushayy holds leadership Quraish of Mecca he assembled and told them to build on the site. Led by Qushayy own built-Nadwa Dar'n as a meeting place dignitaries led by Qushayy Mecca itself. In this place they are consulted on matters of the country. According to their habits, any problems they face are always resolved by mutual agreement. Both women or men who will enter into marriage should be in this same place.

With Qushayy command Quraish and build their dwellings around the Kaaba, the taking place is spacious enough to hold tawaf around the house and in every two homes supplied roads penetrate into the tawaf.

The oldest child is Abd'd Qushayy-Dar. However, Abd Manaf sister, had already appeared to have got the public and the place anyway.

After more advanced age, kekuatannyapun been reduced and is not strong anymore he takes care of Mecca as it should be, a key House and even then handed to Abd'd-Dar, as well as drinking water problem, banners and food supplies. Every year Quraishi contribute from their means of her body to Qushayy to make food in the pilgrimage season. The food is then given to those who come not in adequacy. Qushayy was the first to require the Quraysh preparing food supplies. They collected it and he was very proud of them when together they managed to put out Khuza'a of Mecca. When requiring that he said to them:

"Men of Quraysh! Ye are God's neighbors, the family of his house and the Holy Places. Those who come on pilgrimage is a God and visitors to his home. They are the guests of the most venerable. In the pilgrimage season be sure to allow food and drink until they return home. "

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