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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Places Visited Before So The Prophet Muhammad Part 2/2

Islamic Culture | Places Visited Before So The Prophet Muhammad - Muhammad's life in this age it turned out peaceful existence. If not for the loss of her two children is certainly true that life favors shared with Khadijah, the faithful and loving, life as a father and mother are happy and willing. It is therefore natural that when Muhammad let him run in accordance with the luggage, congenital think and reflect, to listen to people talk about idols, as well as what some are saying the Christians and the Jews about themselves. He was thinking and contemplating. Among the people he is the most widely think and reflect. Strong and talented soul, the soul who already have one day of preparation will convey the message of God to mankind, and deliver it to the spiritual life is essential, so it is impossible soul silent see people who have drifted into apostasy valley. Should he look for clues in the universe, so that God later determine it as the person who will receive his message. So big and strong spiritual tendency there is to it, he did not want to make himself countryman shaman or want to put yourself as an expert thought like, performed by Waraqa b. Nawfal and the like. He sought only truth alone. His mind was full of it, a lot of his muse. Thoughts and musings that raged in his heart that very few expressed to others.

Places Visited Before So The Prophet Muhammad
It is customary Arabs that time that the group thinks they are for some time each year to distance themselves from the crowds of people, retreat, and draw closer to their gods with penance and prayer, expecting to be given the fortune and knowledge. Exile for this kind of worship they call tahannuf and tahannuth.6

The place is apparently Muhammad received the most excellent place to explore thoughts and reflections that raged inside him. Also in this place he get peace in dinnya and antidote heart's desire that wants to be alone, to find a way meet the ever greater desire, want to achieve ma'rifat and know the secrets of the universe.

At the peak of Mount Hira, - as far as two farsakh7 north of Mecca -located an excellent cave for solitude and tahannuth place. Throughout the month of Ramadan every year he went there and dwell in that place, quite simply with little provision carries. He was diligent in contemplation and worship, away from all the busyness of life and human commotion. He is seeking the Truth, and only truth alone.

So strongly he muses seek the true nature, so that he would forget himself, forget to eat, forget everything in this life. Therefore, all that is seen in the vicinity of human life, is not a truth. There he revealed in his inner consciousness he realized everything. Add dislike longer any prejudice that he will never chased people.

He did not expect the truth he was looking for it to be contained in the old stories or in the writings of the clergy, but in the natural surroundings: in the area of the sky and the stars, the moon and the sun, in the desert in the heat when burned in sunlight sparkling sun. Or at a time when the sky is clear and beautiful, bathed in moonlight and the stars were delicious and tender, or in the sea and the waves, and in all that lies behind it, which has to do with this form, and covered the whole unity of form. In natural that he sought Supreme Essence. In an effort to achieve that, at the moment he is solitary souls soared so high will reach relationship with the universe, penetrates the veil that holds all the secrets. It does not require a long reflection to know that what is practiced by society in matters of life and what is presented as sacrifices to their gods, it does not bring the truth at all. The idols are useless, did not create nor bring fortune, can not give protection to anyone who overwritten danger. Hubal, Lat and 'Uzza, and all the statues and idols rooted in and around the Kaaba, never created, even a fly, or will bring about a good of Mecca.

But! Ah, you wonder where the truth! Earth where truth in this vast universe, the earth is wide, with the heavens and the stars? Is there perhaps in a twinkling star, which emits light and warmth to man, from there also rain down, so therefore man and all the creatures that exist on this earth life of water, light and warmth from the air? No! The stars are none other celestial objects like the earth as well. Or perhaps behind the objects contained ether infinite, endless?

But what the ether? What yamg life we experience today, and tomorrow will be ending? What is its origin, and what is its source? Incidentally are the foundation of the earth and we also serve in it? However, either the earth or life already has provisions that certainly is not changing, and impossible when basically just a coincidence. What human experience, good or bad, come on man's will itself, or whether it is innate own anyway so that he could not choose another?

Problems such psychological and spiritual, it is also thought Muhammad during his exile and persevere in the Cave of Hira '. He wants to see the truth and see that life entirely. The thinking was fulfilling his soul, filling his heart, his personal and all its forms. Day and night it menderanya continuously. When the month of Ramadan had passed and he returned to Khadijah, who still lasting influence her mind made Khadijah always ask, because he too wanted his relief when he already knew he was in a healthy and afiat.

In conducting worship during the tahannuth Muhammad embrace something that is there any particular law? In this case the scholars of different opinions. In his Tarikh Ibn Kathir tells a little about their opinions regarding the use of sharia did worship it: Some say according to Shari'a Noah, some say according to Ibrahim, the others said that according to law of Moses, there were said by Jesus and others said, that more can be ensured, that he adheres to something Shari'a and diamalkannya. Perhaps the opinion of the latter is more precise than the previous one. This is in accordance with the basic reflections and thoughts into longing Muhammad.

Year has changed year and has now arrived too Ramadan. He went to Hira ', he again reflect, little by little he can mature, jiwanyapun getting full. After a few years of life borne by the Ultimate Truth in his meeting with the ultimate dream that emits light of truth which had been looking Along with that also saw a wasted life, life deception with all kinds of luxuries are useless.

Which is when he believes that the people have gone astray from the right path, and their spiritual lives have been damaged due to submit to the imaginary gods and beliefs such that no less also misguided. All that has been mentioned by the Jews and the Christians can not help them from straying it. What they mentioned that each is true; but still contains a variety of superstitions and various ways paganisma, which is not possible in line with the real truth, absolute truth is simple, do not know all kinds of speculation empty debate, which became the center of attention of both groups of the Book it. And that Truth is God, the Creator of the worlds, there is no god but He. The truth of God is the Sustainer of the Worlds. He Maha Maha Rahman and Rahim. The truth is that humans judged on his actions. "Anyone doing good weighing atompun be seen. And whoever does evil will atompun weighing saw, anyway. "(Qur'an, 99: 7-8) And that heaven is true and nerakapun true. Those who worship gods other than Allah they that inhabit hell, place of residence and the residence of the most ungodly.

Muhammad was approaching the age of forty. He went to Hira 'do tahannuth. His soul is full of faith above all what he had seen in a dream that essential. He has freed himself from all evil. God has taught her, and didikannya well. With all my heart he exposes himself to the straight path, the Eternal Truth. He has exposed himself to God with his whole soul in order to provide guidance and assistance to the people who were lost in the valley of error.

In his desire that he exposes himself up at night, lit the hearts and consciousness. He fasted for a long time, so musings turned on. Then he got out of the cave, stepped into the streets in the Sahara. Then he returned to his place seclusion, would like to examine what the hell was raging in the feelings, what was seen in the dream? Something similar was run for six months, to the point that he felt worried about the other consequences against him. Therefore, he expressed fears that to Khadija and told him what he had seen. He was worried that it was a nuisance genie.

But a woman who was able to reassure her faithful. he said that he was al-Amin, the genie may not be approached, even if it is not occurred to the wife or the husband's mind, that God has chosen to prepare it by giving spiritual practice such that in order to face the current devastating, devastating news, namely when the arrival of the first revelation. With that he was prepared to bring the message and great treatise.

When he was in a state of sleep in the cave, which is when it comes angel carrying a sheet and said to him: "Read!" Startled, Muhammad replied: "I can not read". He felt as if the angel choked her, then released again as she said again:
"Read it!" Still in fear of being strangled again Muhammad replied: "What will I read." So on the angel said: "Read! With the name of your Lord Who created. Created man from a clot. Read. And your Lord is most gracious. Who teaches with Pena. Taught man what he knew not ... "(Qur'an 96: 1-5)

Then he uttered the reading. Malaikatpun go, after the words inscribed in kalbunya.8

But then he woke up frightened, wondering to himself: if he sees the hell ?! Or is it now possessed feared had happened ?! He turned to the right and to the left, but did not see anything. He paused, shaking with fear. He worried about what happened in that cave. He ran away from that place. Everything is confusing. He could not interpret what he had seen it.

Quickly he went down the mountain crevices, while wondering to himself: who told him to read it ?! He had ever seen up to that point while she was in tahannuth, is essential dream emanating from the sidelines contemplation, filled his chest, making the road in front of him so brightly lit, show him where the truth is. Dark curtains for the society plunges into valley paganisma Quraish and idolatry, so open.

The bright rays radiating in front of him and the truth that has shown him the way, is The One Almighty. But who has given a warning about it, and that He who created an human being and that He, Most Gracious, Who taught by the pen of man, not knowing what to teach?

He entered the mountains were still in fear, still wondering. Suddenly he heard a voice calling him. Strikes once felt. He looked into the sky surface. Suddenly seen an angel in human form. It was he who called him. He is so stunned he fears getting in place. He turned away from it sees it. But he still saw in the whole horizon. He briefly stepped forward, backward briefly, but in such a very beautiful angel was not well and from the front. Instantly he ever in such circumstances. In the meantime, Khadija had sent people to look into the cave but did not find him.

After such an angel had disappeared Muhammad home already contains revelations to him. Heartbeat, heart palpitations fear. Khadija had met while he said: "Cover me!" He immediately covered. Shivering as in a fever. Once the fear was gradually subside he viewed his wife with eyes want to gain strength.

"Khadijah, why me?" He said. Then he told what he had seen, and he declares to be deluded by a worrying sense of his words will be like an interpreter or any astrologer.

As well as in the atmosphere and in an atmosphere of fear tahannuth be possessed Khadijah full sense of affection, is where he bestows a sense of peace and calm into the big heart, a heart that is in the concerns and the restless. He did not show a sense of worry or suspicion. Even saw it with the views respectfully, saying:

"O son pamanku.9 Cheer, and tabahkan heart. By Him Who holds the life of Khadija, 10 I wished that you will be prophet upon this people. God would completely flout you; for I have tighten familial, truthful in words, you are willing to bear the burden of others and honor the guest and assist those in distress on the right path. "

Muhammad had felt calm again. Khadija displeased with eyes full of gratitude and compassion. Whole body now feels very tired and need once he slept. He was sleeping, sleep and then wake up again bring a strong spiritual life, which is extraordinary strong. Kellidupan a truly powerful and entrancing. But life is full of sacrifice, which merely wholehearted sincerity to God, to truth and to humanity. That treatise God that will be passed and delivered to mankind in a way that is better, so Perfected light of God, even by unbelievers are not preferred.


6 Tahannuf or tahannafa, possible origin of said seakar with Hanif, which means 'truth tends to' 'leave the idols and worship to God' (LA) or otherwise of shirk. (Compare Qur'an, 2: 135; 10: 105). Tahannuth or tahannatha, worship and avoid sin; closer to God '(N). 'Worship and stay away from idols, such as tahannatha (LA). In the subsequent translation of these two words are not translated (A).

7 Persian, parsang, length of yore, approximately 3.5 miles or almost 6 km. (A).

8 Similarly, the history books early to tell. Ibn Ishaq also there basically. Likewise, many who came later who told so. It's just that most of them found the beginning of the revelation that he came in a state of alert and at lunch time, citing a statement by reassuring Jibril Muhammad when he saw the fear. Ibn Kathir in his Tarikh-mentioned source carried by al-Hafiz Abu Na'im al-Ashbahani in his Dala'il'n-Nubawa of 'Alqama bin Qais, that "the first of the prophets was brought to them in the state sleep (with a view) so that their hearts at ease. After that later revelation down. And added: "It is said 'Alqama ibn Qais itself, a good description, reinforced by that came before and after."

9 A habit of the Arabs call the person who is considered seturunan. Muhammad and Khadijah from a common ancestor, namely Qushayy (A).

10 An oath statement used to say at that time, that "By Allah" (A)


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