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Friday, May 29, 2015

The First Person to Embrace Islam - Apostolic - Umar Convert To Islam 2/4

The first person to embrace Islam | 4-Mali - He asked for time will negotiate with his father first. All night he felt uneasy. But the next day he gave notice to the husband and the wife, that he would follow them both, do not need to ask the opinion of Abu Talib. "God made me without my need to negotiate with Abu Talib. What is the point I have to negotiate with him to worship God. "

So Ali is the first child who accepted Islam. Then Zaid b. Haritha, a former slave of the Prophet. Thus Islam was limited only within the family of Muhammad: he himself, his wife, his nephew and former slaves. Still, he wondered, how would invite the Quraysh. He knew full well, how hard they were and how well they adhered to the strength of idols venerated their ancestors were.

The First Person to Embrace Islam - Apostolic - Umar Convert To Islam 2/4
At that time Abu Bakr b. Abi Quhafa of tribes Taim is a close friend of Muhammad. He enjoyed him, because he already knew he really as clean, honest and trustworthy. Therefore, the first adult to whom they worship the one God and abandon idolatry, is he. Also her male first place he opened his heart will all seen and revelations. Abu Bakr did not hesitate longer meet the invitation of Muhammad and the faith that also would invitation. Soul which again is indeed crave the truth will still be hesitant to leave idolatry and to then worship the one God! Soul which again is still called the great soul in addition to worship God is to worship a stone that no matter what form! Soul which again is already clean still be hesitant to clean clothes and his soul, gave alms to the needy and do good to the fatherless!

Faith in God and to His Messenger was immediately announced by Abu Bakr among his friends. He was a handsome man. "Being favorite people and amikal once. From among the Quraysh he included the Quraysh that reproduce high and that many know all the ins and outs of the people, good and evil. As traders and people who have a certain kind he was quite famous. Prominent among their own community who knew him in one area alone. They know him because his knowledge, because of trade and because of her social good. "

From among people who believed by Abu Bakr invited them to Islam. Usman b. 'Affan, Abdurrahman b. 'Auf, Talha b. 'Ubaidillah, Sa'd b. Abi Waqqas and Zubair bin'l-'Awwam followed also embraced Islam. Then followed also Abu 'Ubaida bin'l-Djarrah, and many others of the Meccans. Those who have Islam and Islamic states came to the Prophet, who subsequently received the religious teachings of the Prophet himself.

Knowing the hostility of the Quraish so ruthless to everything that violates paganisma, then the Muslims who initially still clandestinely. If they are going to pray, they go into the crevices of the mountain in Mecca. Similar circumstances have run for three years, while Islam added widespread also among the Meccans. The revelation that came to Muhammad during that further strengthens the faith of Muslims.

Which also adds to the growing propaganda is actually because of the example given Muhammad very well: he is devoted and full of affection, very humble and full of virility, said his gentle and always be fair; the right of every person each accomplished. His views on people who Iemah, to orphans, poor and needy people is a view of a father loving, gentle and affectionate. Night single day, in his bertahajud, the night he was fast asleep, read a revelation communicated to him, his thoughts always on the heavens and the earth, looking for signs of all this form, the petition is always exposed only to God. He. which absorb life of this universe into itself and into the heart of life itself, is an example of what makes them who already believe and declare themselves Islamic, the greater his love for Islam and his faith more firmly anyway. They had resolved to leave fad of their ancestors by taking all the torment of the idolaters whose hearts are not yet touched the faith.

Merchants and nobility of Mecca who already know the meaning of purity, are already aware of the meaning of truth, forgiveness and meaning of grace, they are faithful to the teachings of Muhammad. All the weak, all those who suffer and those who do not have, believe in him. Muhammad's teachings have spread in Mecca, people have flocked to enter Islam, men and women.

People talk a lot about Muhammad and on his teachings. But the inhabitants of Mecca were still cautious, still covered her, at first ignored. They suspect, that his words more tidakkan and words pastor or experts think that kind of Quss, Umayya, Waraqa and others. People will definitely go back to the trust ancestors; which will ultimately prevail is Hubal, Lat and 'Uzza, as well as Isaf and Naila are dibawai sacrifice. They forget that genuine faith can not be defeated, and that the truth will surely triumph.

Three years later after his ministry, God's command came that he announced the doctrine that is still hidden, so that God's command delivered. When the revelation came:

"And give warning to the family-family close. Limpahkanlah mercy to the believers who follow you. Even if they do not want to also follow you, say, 'I'm off the hands of all your deeds.' "(Qur'an 26: 214-216)

"Convey what has been commanded, and do not kauhiraukan Pagans that." (Qur'an 15: 94)

Muhammadpun invited the families to his home, he tried to talk to them and invite them to God. But Abu Talib, his uncle, and then stop the talks. He invites people to leave the place. The next day Muhammad invited them once again.

Finished eating, he told them: "I do not see a man in Arab circles can bring something to the middle of them is better than that I bring to you is this. I bring to you the best of the world and the hereafter. God has sent me to invite you all. Who among you is willing to support me in this? "

They all refused, and is already preparing to leave. But suddenly Ali rise - when he was still a child, not to mention puberty. "Messenger of Allah, I will help you," he said. "I was opposed to anyone who kautentang."

Banu Hashim smiled, and some are laughing. Their eyes moved from Abu Talib to his son. Then they all go away with ridicule.

After that Muhammad then divert their calls from their families close to the entire population of Mecca. One day he climbed to Shafa2 by exclaiming: "O people of Quraysh." But the Quraysh then replied: "Muhammad spoke of the top Safa." They then flocked, wondering, "What?"

"What do you think if I told you all that on the surface of this hill there is cavalry. Do you believe? "

"Yes," they replied. "You never doubted. Never have we seen you lie. "

"I remind you all, before facing punishment was tough," he said, "Banu Abd'l-Muttalib, Banu Abd Manaf, Banu Zuhra, Banu Taim, Makhzum Banu and Banu Asad Allah commanded me to warn nearby family-my family. Good for the life of the world or the hereafter. Nothing portion or benefit that I can give to you, besides you say: There is no god but Allah. "

Or as reported: Abu Lahab - an obese man and irascible - then stood and chanted: "Woe to you today. For this you collect us? "

Muhammad could not speak. He saw his uncle. But then after that came the revelation brings the word of God:

"Woe to the hands of Abu Lahab, and woe be it. No point in wealth and his efforts. The fire that licked be rolled "(Quran 102: 1-8)

Abu Lahab anger and hostility among the Quraysh that others can not impede the spread of Islamic proselytizing among the inhabitants of Mecca. Every day there will undoubtedly be people that Islam - surrender to God. The more so they are not blown away by the influence of world trade to just let go of reflections of what he had called them. They already saw Muhammad the affluent, either from their own property or property Khadijah. Not cared about the treasure, nor will multiply again. He invites people to live in compassion, gently, in the intimacy and tasamuh (gracefully, tolerance). Yes, even he who receives revelation to mention, that the foster-mupuk wealth is a curse to the soul.

"You have been neglected by multiplying each race. Until then you towards the grave. Again, do not! You will know well later. Never. If you know convincingly. You will undoubtedly see hell. Then, would you see it with your eyes convincing. The day was then the new you will be questioned about the pleasures. "(Quran 111: 1-3)

Moreover, better than Muhammad recommended it! Did not he advocated freedom? Absolute freedom is boundless. Freedom is really worth for every Arab man, equal to the value of his own life! Yes! Are not people want to escape the shackles of the devotion which however in addition to his devotion to God? Is not every shackle it to be destroyed? There was no Hubal, Lat no, 'Uzza. There was no fire Zoroastrian, Egyptian sun, no stars worshipers stars, no hawariyin (followers of Jesus), no human being, or an angel or genie who will be the boundary between God and man. In the presence of God, only to Him Who has no partners Single, people will be held accountable for his actions that have been carried out, the good and the bad. Only that human actions alone as intermediary. His heart will weigh all actions. That's the power over him. With that insured when every soul be rewarded according to his deeds. Where freedom again larger than Muhammad taught that? Is there Abu Lahab and his friends teach that sort of thing - a bit though? Or do they teach so that people remain in bondage, slavery, which has been swamped by superstition beliefs and superstitions, which already cover them from all the light of truth?

But Abu Lahab, Abu Sufyan and Quraish noblemen other leading-wealthy tycoon who likes to have fun, began to feel, that the teachings of Muhammad was a great danger of their positions. So that first they have to do is attack him in a way to discredit him, and deny all what he called prophetic.

The first thing they do in this case is to persuade them poets: Abu Sufyan bin'l-Harith, 'Amr Abdullah bin'l-`As and ibn'z-Ziba'ra, in order to mock and attack. In the meantime Muslim poets are also featured avenge their attacks without Muhammad himself who should serve.

Meanwhile, in addition to poets that some people appear also asked Muhammad some miracle that would be able to prove his apostleship: miracles like Moses and Jesus. Why the hills of Safa and Marwa was not conjured into gold, and the book was talking about it in written form handed down from the sky? And why Gabriel is much discussed by Muhammad did not appear in front of them? Why did he not turn people dead, banish hills that have made Mecca confined hence? Why he did not emit more unpleasant spring of Zamzam water well, and he knows how much his country would lavatory population water?

Not only there will be the Pagans mocked him in matters of miracles, even ridicule them became increasingly become, by asking: why God did not give a revelation about the prices of commodities speculation that they might hold for the future?

They debate was prolonged. But the revelation that came to Muhammad answered their debate

"Say: 'I have no power to bring good or deny the danger to myself, if not by the will of God. And except that I know that magical-occult, undoubtedly kuperbanyak bahayapun good deeds and do not touch me. But I just give a warning and bring glad tidings to those who believe. "(Quran 7: 188)

Yes, Muhammad simply remind and bring glad tidings. How they will demand it with things that do not make sense. He was not expecting from them except that reasonable, even requested and required by sense? ! How do they demand it with things that are contrary to the nature of the soul which is high even though he expected of them so that they would receive a sound corresponding to the nature of the soul that high ?! How are they still demanded by some miracle, when the book was revealed to him and that show the right way it is a miracle of all miracles? Why are they still demanded that his ministry was strengthened by the peculiarities of the absurd, which then later on they will be hesitant again, will mengikutinyakah them or not?

And this, they say their gods, it is no more rocks or wood or idols propped upright in the middle of the desert, which can not bring good or deny the danger. Even though so they worship him also, without demanding proof of his divine nature. And even if it were prosecuted, surely he will remain stone or wood, without life, without movement; for dirinyapun he could not deny the danger or bring good. And if someone comes to destroy he also will not be able to defend themselves.

Muhammadpun already openly calling their idols, which before had not been called-he said. He criticized him, which is also before it had never done so. This becomes a major problem for the Quraysh and felt pierced their hearts. About the man, and they have to face from them and faced them from him, now began in earnest a concern them. Until so far they had to poke his words. If they sit in Dar'n Nadwa, 3 or around the Kaaba with the idols there, membuallah those with no more than a gesture mocking smile and jest
, However, if the insulted and ridiculed it now their gods they worship and worship their ancestors, including Hubal, Lat, 'Uzza and all the idols, because it is no longer a matter of ridicule and scorn, but has become a matter of serious and decisive. Or, suppose that person to be able to instigate the Meccans against them and leave their idols, what the results would be obtained from the Mecca trading? And how about their position in the religious sense?

His uncle Abu Talib not yet embraced Islam. But still he is a protector and guardian of her nephew. He has expressed his willingness to be defended. On the basis of the leaders of Quraysh nobility - with known by Abu Sufyan b. Harb - went to see Abu Talib.

"Abu Talib," they said, "that your nephew has cursed our idols, denounced our religion, did not appreciate our hopes and misguided assume our ancestors. You see now, should you stop him; if not let us own that is going to deal with it. Because you also like we're in line, then suffice you from our side to face him. "

But Abu Talib answered them very well. Meanwhile Muhammad also remain persistent stints defendant preaching and even then got followers multiply.

Muhammad Quraish immediately conspired face it. Again they went to see Abu Talib. Once this is accompanied 'Umara bin'l bin'l-Mughira-Walid, a young man whose plump and shapely, which will be given to him as a foster child, and instead that Muhammad handed over to them. But even this was rejected. Muhammad kept on preaching, and Quraisypun continue also plotting.

For the third time they came again Abu Talib.

"Abu Talib '" they said, "You as a person respectable, respected among us. We have asked that the nephew to stop, but do not also do. We will not remain silent against those who curse of our ancestors, do not appreciate our hopes and denounce idols we - before you told him to be quiet or we both her opponents until one of the parties later perish. "

Weight once for Abu Talib will split or hostile to its people. He also did not have the heart to deliver or make nephew was disappointed. What the hell should she do?

Asked Muhammad came and she told intent appeal Quraish. Then he said: "Take care of me, neither do you. Do I weighed things can not bear,. "

Muhammad meditate for a moment, meditate dealing with a natural history of this form, history was stunned not want to know where it's heading. In the words of the then dangle from his lips it is a decision for the world: this world is there always will be in error and continues misled, then come Zoroastrian suppress Christians who have failed and chaotic, and thus paganisma with the iniquities will lift head already rapuk and rotten? Or he must continue to emit light of that truth, proclaimed words of Tawheed, liberating the human mind from the shackles of slavery, freed from the chains of illusion and lifted kemartabat higher, so that the human spirit can achieve Substance relationship with the Most High?

His uncle is uncle as if he had a helpless again defend and preserve it. He was about to leave and let go. Moderate Muslims are weak, helpless they will fight, they can not fight the Quraysh who had the power, has the treasure, have the preparation and the amount rmanusia. Instead she has nothing but the truth. And in the name of truth as a defense he invited people. Do not have anything other than his faith in truth he was a fixture. Whatever what happens! Days later it was him better than that now. He will continue his mission, will invite people as the Lord commanded him. Better to die he brought the faith of truth that has been revealed to him rather than give up or hesitate.

Therefore, with a soul full of strength and willpower, he turned to his uncle and said:

"Uncle, for the sake of Allah, even if they put the sun in my right hand and put the moon in my left hand, with the intention that I leave this task, it will not be left behind, so that later God will prove the victory was in my hand, or I perish by it."

Yes, so great is the truth, as the enormity of the faith! Shaking the old man heard the answer of Muhammad, he was stunned. It turns out he was standing in front of a holy power and the will is so high, above all the ability of existing life.

Muhammad stood. Felt tears clog because of the attitude of his uncle who suddenly, although not crossed the slightest doubt in his heart will be road which he passes it.

Instantly duration of Abu Talib was still in a state of awe. He is still in confusion between society pressure with the nephew attitude. But then he asked Muhammad to come again, which he said, "My son, as you will say. I will not hand you anyway! "


2. The ash-Shafa is a hill near Mecca (A).
3. Such a conference hall (A).

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